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Breaking Down Every Calling In Netflix's Manifest

With its interwoven themes of science and faith, "Manifest" is easily one of the wackiest shows on Netflix. After the passengers of Flight 828 arrive at their destination more than five years behind schedule, they struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives. But they soon learn that the paranormal flight delay is the least of their worries when they begin experiencing visions and hallucinations directing them to take certain actions that often run afoul of the law. As they struggle to make sense of the Callings, they find themselves at odds over whether they're saving the world or ushering in the apocalypse.

Over the span of the show's four-season run, these Callings become so entangled and convoluted it starts to seem like hot math dad Ben Stone has the right idea with his evidence room. But you don't need an Omega Sapphire to keep track of the Callings because we've got you covered. Hang onto your Lifeboat because we're taking a nosedive into all the Callings from "Manifest."

Early callings

  • All things: At the airport, Michaela Stone's mom quotes her favorite Bible verse, Romans 8:28. The verse later greets Mick in a cross-stitched pillow shortly after she returns to learn her mother died during her five-year absence ("Pilot"). A moment later, Michaela hears her own voice repeating the words, "All things."

  • Slower: While riding the bus, Michaela hears her own voice repeating the word, "Slower." After she asks the driver to slow down and he ignores her, the voice becomes louder. A pained Michaela ultimately yells, "Slow down now!" in time for the driver to slam on the brakes and narrowly avoid mowing down a small child ("Pilot").

  • Set them free: Shortly after Jared tells her he is working on a child abduction case, Michaela and Ben hear their voices commanding them to "Set them free" but misunderstand it to mean they should free a pair of guard dogs. When Michaela and Jared later return the dogs to the metal shop, she notices the address number is 828 and hears the words "Set them free" over and over again. Remembering her mother's pillow and the flight number, she trespasses onto the grounds, where she finds the two girls locked up in an outbuilding ("Pilot").

  • The plane explodes: A strong urge leads 20 passengers to the airport where their plane is being kept. Meanwhile, the same Calling wakes Cal in his bed. Moments later, the plane spontaneously ignites and burns ("Pilot").

Heroic acts

  • Radd's music: While talking with Olive, Ben hears a musical phrase playing in his mind. He later hears the sound again while walking through Times Square, and it leads him to the street violinist Radd, who shares the Calling. The music eventually helps them catch the person responsible for a robbery that Radd's son had been falsely accused of committing ("Reentry").

  • Own your truth: Michaela spells out the phrase "Own your truth" on the Stones' refrigerator and later hears murdered passenger Kelly Taylor repeat the same phrase. Michaela uses the information to solve Kelly's murder ("Turbulence").

  • Wet statue: Saanvi sees a statue with watery footprints that leads her to a psych ward patient, while Michaela sees a vision of an angel statue beating her wings and whispering, "Save him." These Callings lead them both to help the 828 stowaway Thomas ("Unclaimed Baggage").

  • It's all connected: Ben hears his voice whisper, "It's all connected," words Cal later repeats while running through the subway to Thomas' boiler room hideout. Cal knows Thomas' name without being told despite his claim that he was "just being random" and senses Georgia's arrival before she knocks as Ben hears the words again ("Connecting Flights"). It's later revealed that Cal drew Thomas in his notebook before meeting him ("Vanishing Point"). 

  • Evie's heart: Cal draws a boy wearing a red heart, while Michaela hears a heartbeat that helps her save Carlos from avenging his uncle and learns he received her friend Evie's heart in a transplant ("S.N.A.F.U.").

The Singularity Project

  • Don't lose him: Michaela hears the phrase "Don't lose him" and believes it to be related to Jared's safety after he learns about the Callings ("Point of No Return").

  • Cal's Bulgarian language fever: Cal wakes up crying out in pain with a fever of 103.2. As his parents comfort him, he cries, "No, they're hurting me" and "Not the red door!" between bouts of shouting "Help me" and "hurry" in Bulgarian. The Stones and Saanvi connect the words to the passenger Marko Valeriev. While following a lead, Michaela sees a red door where foreign nationals and people with no next of kin have gone missing. Cal begins seizing when Marko does the same ("Off Radar").

  • Cal's drawing: Just before the Singularity Project commences Phase II of the mirror phase protocol, Cal senses it and whispers, "Oh no." As the protocol begins, Cal, Saanvi, Ben, Autumn, and Michaela cry out in pain. During the experiment, Cal frantically draws the black site as his nose bleeds on the paper. Cal follows his vision to the site, where he directs Ben, Michaela, and Vance to the project ("Dead Reckoning").

  • Path lights: After Cal's drawing of the tunnel system leads them to the passengers, Ben and the others are stricken with psychic pain as they try to save the nonverbal victims. When they can't find their way out, Ben sees a trail of path lights leading them out of the tunnels just before the building explodes ("Dead Reckoning"). 

  • Passenjerk: The freed passengers begin violently twitching in their chairs simultaneously.

Finding Zeke

  • Find her: When Michaela touches nonverbal passenger Paul Santino, she has a vision of a blizzard and hears a male voice saying, "Find her." At the same time, Paul opens his eyes, begins looking around, and shows significant signs of amnesia. Michaela experiences the vision again, tells Ben the wind and snow feel stronger than her other Callings, and eventually concludes that it is someone else's Calling ("Crosswinds"). Later, Cal wakes up in his bed shivering while hearing the same voice. 
  • Cal sees himself leaving: When Grace asks Ben if he can keep Cal the following night, Cal tells her he can't because "the man from the plane" needs his help ("Crosswinds"). While his dad is off helping Captain Daly, Cal sneaks out his window without telling anyone. When they notice Cal is missing, everyone at first assumes the Major took him. As his family goes through his sketchbook, they find a drawing of themselves holding the notebook at that very moment ("Vanishing Point"). 

  • The cabin: Ben, Michaela, and Grace find numerous sketches including one of Cal shivering in a cabin, one of a figure in a doorway, and several of trees, rocks, a lake, and a church leading them to Tannersville. At the cabin, Cal pulls out a water bottle, first aid gear, and warm clothing while he waits. When his family arrives, he tells them, "He's almost here!" Seconds later, the shivering Zeke bursts into the cabin and collapses ("Vanishing Point"). 

Michaela and the wolf

  • Shared vision: While caring for Zeke in the cabin, Michaela struggles to understand how and why Zeke's experience parallels that of the passengers. When she touches him on his arm, they share a vision of themselves under a starry night sky and hear the words "Go back" in each other's voices ("Cleared for Approach").

  • Bad wolf: While crashing at Michaela's place, Zeke has a vision of a wolf. He later learns that Cal shared the same vision when Cal draws the wolf lunging toward Michaela. The vision lines up with James Griffin's resurrection when he is pulled from a submerged van ("Upgrade").

  • Stop him: Michaela, Zeke, Saanvi, and Ben all hear the words "Stop him." As Griffin intends to tell the world about his resurrection and Callings, they interpret it to mean they should stop him. But after his Death Date arrives and he drowns while standing on dry land, Michaela hears it again just as Zeke and Jared are struggling over a gun — a conflict that leads to her accidental shooting ("Hard Landing," "Estimated Time of Departure").

Save the passengers

  • Tombstones: Cal draws three tombstones with his, his dad's, and his aunt's names on them ("Estimated Time of Departure").
  • Zeke's house: Cal draws Zeke standing in front of his mom's house and travels there to tell Zeke he and Michaela are meant to be together. Cal also tells Zeke that he knows when he, Michaela, and Ben will die, and that Zeke doesn't have much time left either ("Fasten Your Seatbelts").

  • Save the passengers: Michaela hears Cal's voice saying, "Save the passengers" and experiences visual turbulence when she sees the names of passengers Anson and Trina Vasik ("Fasten Your Seatbelts"). The Vasiks have a Calling of a car with screaming children inside as it goes through a railing that leads them to Revelation 20:14, which refers to a "second death" and the "lake of fire." When Michaela sees a second vision of the Vasiks' car on the George Washington bridge, she and Ben rush to save them from ending their own lives but they all end up saving a family that crashed over the guardrail onto the cliff. 

  • Nosedive: After Cal tells Michaela she and Zeke are meant to do something together, but he doesn't know what, she touches him, which sends them into a Calling of themselves on a plane in a nosedive. In the vision, Cal looks at his aunt and tells her to "Save the passengers" before Michaela notices Zeke standing on the plane ("Fasten Your Seatbelts").

Time served

  • TJ's grave Calling: College student TJ tells Ben about a vision of himself in a grave and later finds himself compelled to dig at a construction site where he finds a girl's body ("Grounded"). Ben continues to believe in his innocence, and TJ eventually becomes integral to the Stones' investigation of the Callings.

  • Turbulence: When TJ is arrested, Michaela, Zeke, and Cal experience the turbulence vision from their "Save the passengers" Calling, indicating that they're meant to help free TJ from jail ("Grounded").

  • The ominous boot: As Michaela is investigating Frannie's death, she experiences a vision of a boot standing over the victim's grave that causes her to drop a key card, which ultimately leads to the killer ("Grounded").

  • Nosedive: As Zeke is transported within the prison medical facility, he, Michaela, and Cal all experience turbulence and a vision of the plane mid-nosedive. As Michaela calls out to Zeke in the vision, the plane catches fire — possibly a sign that their Lifeboat is in trouble ("Grounded").

  • Zeke's transfer: Cal draws Zeke next to prison transport vehicles. After Michaela learns where Zeke has been transferred to, she, Cal, and Zeke experience the nosedive Calling again with Zeke having a seizure during the vision. As the prison doctor gives Zeke anti-seizure medications, his Calling ends and he is blown out of the plane in Michaela and Cal's vision. The vision helps Michaela realize Zeke shouldn't be in jail, leading her to testify in his favor, which ultimately leads to his release ("False Horizon").

Grace's callings

  • Paternity test: Grace is in the process of conducting her baby's paternity test when she experiences a Calling of her own voice telling her to "Stop." Receiving the Calling indicates that she is carrying a child with the same DNA marker as the passengers, meaning the child must be Ben's ("Grounded"). Instead of taking the hint, she asks Saanvi to perform a blood test. 

  • Gargoyle: Grace befriends a nauseous pregnant woman named Erika outside of her pregnancy yoga class. While walking to their vehicles, Grace hears her own voice directing her to "Open her eyes" and sees a menacing gargoyle perched atop of the woman's vehicle. Grace finds the experience so terrifying that she heads home to look up gargoyles and discovers that they're meant to ward off evil. Grace becomes so worried that the woman could be in some kind of trouble that Ben suggests she track the woman down at a Metro Kids Soccer practice session. When Erika blows her off at the soccer meet after spying 828er Cal, Grace hears the same phrase and sees the gargoyle looming above the stadium lights. It's later revealed that this Calling gargoyle represents a tangible gargoyle at the entrance to the university where Erika's Xer husband hired Ben to work as an adjunct professor ("False Horizon").

Finding clues

  • Bring him back: While walking down a busy street, Michaela hears the command "Bring him back" as the world shifts into slow motion, drawing her into a nearby bank where she finds Zeke sharing the same Calling. While they talk, a masked gunman holds up the bank and demands to get into the vault until Zeke tackles him. At this point, Michaela recognizes the gunman as an 828er from Ben's investigation board named Logan. 

  • Logan's Death Date Calling: Logan tells them he has been seeing a tombstone vision and is sure he will die if he doesn't get into his brother's safety deposit box, and Michaela concludes he's experiencing a Death Date Calling. Logan's brother believes the 828ers are not the real deal and kept all Logan's property after their return ("Black Box").

  • Animals: TJ visits Ben on campus to say he's seen a bug, a bird, a fish, and a tiger. This leads to Logan's brother Frank, who they convince to help when he realizes the Death Date matches his safety deposit box number. Frank talks Logan down, and they open the safety deposit box together to reveal an heirloom compass that protected their grandfather at the Battle of Normandy when the rest of his platoon died. As Logan is arrested, he gives the bullet-pierced compass to Michaela to use to help save the passengers. When Ben spies a peacock on it, he recalls a recurring peacock Calling he first began seeing in "Cleared for Approach." Later, Cal sees the peacock in "Wingman."

The Star Card

  • Save her: While watching a news report about 828, Ben hears a Calling to "Save her." As he calls Grace to tell her, someone crashes into her car, which sends her to the hospital ("Coordinated Flight"). 
  • Cal's first Calling: In a flashback, Olive tells her mother she believes Cal is alive because of her dreams, and a tarot reader gives Olive a star card to keep. Three years later, Grace recognizes the engraving from Logan's compass as the symbol on the card and gives it to Ben for his Death Date investigation. She tells him the tarot reader said, "Look to the future with the possibility that everything will turn out well" — words Olive spoke at the hospital earlier that day. This leads the Stones to conclude that the Death Date is survivable ("Coordinated Flight').

  • Seat 14C: Ben sees a memory of Flight 828 that includes Saanvi pleading with him for help before fading away. He and Michaela break into Saanvi's office to find her passed out from hypoxia due to self-experimentation. At the hospital, Saanvi tells Ben her Calling featured a yellow-eyed boy who wasn't on the original flight sitting in Finn Nowak's seat. Ben realizes Finn has a kid he doesn't know about named Theo ("Return Trip"). While meeting with him, Saanvi recognizes the signs of liver disease. When it turns out Theo needs a liver transplant, Finn's donation saves the boy's life. 

The night club

  • Falling ash: Michaela, Ben, Saanvi, and Adrian see ash and are transported into the wreckage of the burnt-out plane ("Return Trip"). Ben later recalls seeing non-passengers, dead bodies, a champagne bottle, flutes, and melted windows, and tells Grace the Calling gave him a feeling of hopelessness about something violent coming ("Emergency Exit").

  • Nightclub: Cal, Grace, and Zeke are suddenly drawn into a strong Calling beginning with crashing thunder and shaking vision. Dance music begins to play, and they are transported to a vision of a nightclub. Grace sees a locking door and someone setting a fire who tells her, Zeke, and Cal, "Save the passengers! It's now!" ("Emergency Exit"). They use Olive's tablet to realize Isaiah has lured the passengers to his nightclub and spiked the champagne with drugs ahead of the nightclub party. Locked in at the club, Mick, Ben, and Adrian experience the Calling again just as Isaiah is setting the place on fire. While saving Olive, Ben sees a white light guiding him out.

  • Buddhist chant: As TJ and Cal head to church, he tells her that his mother was Buddhist and he held a Buddhist memorial for her after she died ("Return Trip"). He later gives Olive his mom's Buddhist bracelet with a Dharma wheel ("Emergency Exit"). Ben later hears ringing and Buddhist chanting that leads him to save TJ, who tells Ben he followed the same sound to survive the fire ("Carry On"). 

Al-Zuras' boat

  • Al-Zuras deck: Olive and TJ find a tarot reader who tells them their card belongs to the out-of-print "Al-Zuras" deck ("Return Trip"). With a little sleuthing around town, Olive gets a copy of the rare Al-Zuras deck created by a 16th-century Egyptian artist and scholar named Yusuv Al-Zuras who was lost at sea for 10 years and returned with claims he had heard the voice of God ("Return Trip"). TJ concludes the Calling led them to him to "show the Death Date is real."

  • Al-Zuras' journal: Al-Zuras' journal predicts Ben rescuing Olive from the nightclub and recalls a "silver dragon" ("Emergency Exit," "Airplane Bottles"). 

  • Storm: Cal dreams of Flight 828, envisioning a brilliant light and whispering the phrase, "It's all connected" ("Airplane Bottles"). When he wakes up, he sees a storm blowing through the open windows in his sister's incomplete nursery. Grace, TJ, and Ben also see the storm despite Olive telling them it's sunny outside. 

  • The boat: Ben and Grace find Cal tying the unfinished furniture together with rope and muttering, "It's all connected." Cal tells Ben it's supposed to look like "a spider web — the plane was trapped in it." As they help him build, Cal loses his temper, Grace gets seasick, and Ben realizes they're all going mad like Al-Zuras' crew. When they finish the boat, they share a vision of Al-Zuras' ship and their plane caught in the same storm and Ben concludes that following the Callings is the only way to survive the Death Date.

Saving lives

  • Harlem River: While washing her hands, Grace has a vision of a man crying for help near the High Bridge at Harlem River ("Course Deviation"). Ben and Grace head to the river where they run into Adrian. As they're arguing over whether the Callings are good or bad, Grace's water breaks far earlier than expected. At the hospital, they learn Grace needs emergency surgery, but they can't reach the specialist. When the doctor shows up, he tells them he nearly died earlier while kayaking on the Harlem River but was saved by a "total stranger" who turns out to be Adrian ("Course Deviation").

  • The phoenix: When Grace sings Eden a song she heard Cal singing to the baby, Ben sees an oncoming train and tells Grace the Calling felt like he was about to die. And while TJ is walking with Cal, he sees a vision of a red tile phoenix, which Grace suggests could be made of subway tile. After searching online, TJ and Ben travel to a train station where they save a jumper as he leaps toward the oncoming train ("Unaccompanied Minors").

  • The music: Although the jumper has no identification, Ben finds a music box among his things. When he opens it, Ben hears the tune to Cal and Grace's lullaby. While visiting a sick Zeke in the hospital, Grace sings it again. When Zeke tells her his father wrote it, the Calling leads to their reconciliation and saves the old man's life.

The Meth Heads

  • Shadowy figures: As they're working on their Callings Guidebook for the new baby, Cal and Olive discover Cal's first drawing — a sketch of their family with a shadowy figure behind them. Cal tells Olive he never worked out its meaning but says, "It still kind of creeps me out." While they're working, he watches the shadow grow. The shadow later splits into three parts on the page. When Adrian ducks into an alley to dodge the police, he sees a vision of three dark shadows looming around him and chasing him. Cal sees the same vision in his bedroom later that night ("Course Deviation"). Months later, Ben tells Michaela that Cal has been terrorized by the vision every night since ("Unaccompanied Minors").

  • Let him go: While Michaela is nabbing a thief, she hears the words "Let him go." She does, but after talking to the shop owner, she learns the thief was stealing meds to make meth. When her investigation leads to a meth ring, she hears the words again, but ignores them. Later, the Meth Heads break free from their prison transport and make good on their plan to go after Mick and her family by kidnapping Cal after her wedding ("Unaccompanied Minors," "Call Sign"). 

Zeke's fate

  • Ward: As he is hanging lights and getting ready for Zeke and Mick's wedding, Ben sees a vision of Flight 828 exploding in the sky that is so jarring it nearly knocks him off a ladder. When he heads to the airport, he sees the vision again before running into a crew member named Ward who was responsible for the plane's pre-flight inspection. Ward tells him he also sees visions of the explosion and he can't work or sleep. After helping Ward realize 828 wasn't his fault, Ben finds his mother's old bridal veil at a shop near Ward's apartment ("Call Sign").

  • Karen's appearance: During her wedding to Zeke, Michaela turns and spies her mother sitting in the empty chair they saved in her honor ("Call Sign").

  • Zeke's death: Zeke begins to experience frostbite as he grows closer to his Death Date ("Carry On"). By the time of "Unaccompanied Minors," Zeke is slowly beginning to freeze to death, causing him to propose to Michaela while he can. As they marry in "Call Sign," he is barely hanging onto life. After a Calling of his own death in Cal's company, Zeke uses his final hours to help Michaela save Cal, ultimately jumping into a frozen lake for him. His sacrifice earns a reprieve from the Death Date, leaving him with empathic abilities instead of Callings ("Icing Conditions").

  • Frosty Cal: While kidnapped by the Meth Heads, Cal finds himself shivering in a reflection of Zeke's physical deterioration ("Icing Conditions"). 

Finding the tailfin

  • Screaming white light: Using Cal's drawing of a boat as a guide, Ben and Vance travel to Cuba to retrieve the recovered 828 tailfin. As Ben explores the boat, he, Michaela, Cal, and a new passenger experience a vision of themselves screaming in pain while bathed in blinding white light ("Tailfin"). Cal later tells Grace and Olive that they were "about to die" in the vision. They experience it even more strongly when Ben touches the tailfin, and the tailfin throws Ben back across the room physically. When Ben sees the plane explode, he comes to believe they ultimately died and were resurrected. 

  • Cal's cleaning spree: After Grace and Cal check on Ben, Cal tells his mother he needs to clean out his room because "Dad's bringing someone home to stay over."

  • Angelina Meyer: Cal uses the white light Calling to identify Angelina Meyer, who happens to be living in Costa Rica where his aunt and uncle are on honeymoon. They travel to Angelina's house, where her parents tell them she's missing. After tracking down the woman's friend, they learn she believed she was being followed. While visiting her parents again, Michaela experiences the white light Calling and follows a high-pitched sound that leads her to rescue Angelina from the Meyers' basement where her parents, apparently religious zealots, were keeping her imprisoned ("Tailfin").

Family matters

  • Meth Head premonition: Cal tells Zeke and Grace he isn't having nightmares again, but he feels like it when the three shadows are around ("Tailfin"). Unbeknownst to the Stones, this coincides with the three criminals' resurrections at the lake, something Michaela learns about through work. 

  • The glass angel: Angelina sees visions of herself running from a faceless angel that transforms into stained glass and shatters ("Deadhead"). When Olive tells her family she's meant to help Angelina, Cal tells his parents he knows it, too. The Calling leads to an archangel window at Angelina's old school with a missing face thanks to an accident that occurred the day she buried a time capsule, which the girls dig up. A photo inside leads Olive and Angelina to King Kone slushie stand where Angelina drops the photo on the ground. 

  • Go to her: When the Meth Heads attempt to rob the King Kone, they hear "Go to her." Pete picks up the photo and recognizes himself in it ("Deadhead"). 

  • Artifacts: En route to view TJ's artifacts, Ben sees falling and shaking objects while an article about Eagan falls off his conspiracy board. He locates Eagan, and they follow the Calling to save Kory's younger brother from a gas leak ("Wingman").

  • Evie's heart again: Michaela hears Evie's heart again and it leads her to Beverly's, where she learns Glen made her a video before dying of cardiac arrest. When she hears Evie's heart once more, she decides to care for Beverly ("Wingman").

The death of the Meth Heads

  • Treasure hunt: After finding a peacock feather on the ground and giving it to Eden, Cal recites his "treasure hunt" rhyme and the Meth Heads hear it in a Calling ("Wingman").
  • Countdown: The Meth Heads experience Callings of themselves running against a countdown timer as their Death Date approaches. Angelina tells them that they have less than one week until their expiration date. When Zeke and Michaela visit Pete to help him try and solve his Calling, they realize it references his high school football field and the Meth Heads were corrupted by their abusive high school football coach, who they feel compelled to visit ("Tailspin"). When Michaela's investigation leads her there, she uncovers the coach's drug operation and places him under arrest. 
  • Water: As their time begins to run out, Kory the Meth Head starts throwing up water.
  • The trial: At the Meth Heads' trailer, Michaela sees a shadow rising from Egyptian hieroglyphics painted on their wall ("Water Landing"). The letters support Olive and Angelina's research on Ma'at and ultimately lead Ben to conclude the brothers are being tested. Kory sees trees and Jace's plan to kill Michaela. Jace goes after Cal, Eden, and Grace at their lakeside hideout. After the Stones and company meet up with the Meth Heads, Jace's choices tank their Lifeboat, and all three are killed by a shadow while the Stones look on ("Graveyard Spiral").
  • Basketball: Ben follows a basketball that appears in the road to himself and Angelina. 

Something wrong at Eureka

  • Glow: After touching the tailfin, Ben's hand begins to glow sporadically, as does his handprint on the tailfin and his tissue sample ("Deadhead," "Tailspin"). He tells Saanvi he can "feel" the tailfin "beckoning again." His hand later leads him to hidden clues at Eureka ("Tailspin"). Al-Zuras' journal later glows, too ("Bogey"). 
  • Saanvi's picture: After experimenting on herself, Saanvi loses her Callings ("Emergency Exit"). Ben and Eagan later see water all over her photo ("Bogey"). 
  • Clouds and flood: Many passengers are drawn to Eureka after seeing a dark cloud hanging over the northeast wing of the facility ("Precious Cargo"). While tasting Zeke's cooking, Michaela sees a vision of the same dark clouds filling her home accompanied by the sound of wind ("Bogey"). Ben sees his garage flooding and tells Grace the washing machine is overflowing. After Grace tells him it's a Calling, he hears wind and sees the same black cloud rolling in.

  • Lion: Eagan sees dark clouds and says, "It was dumping rain, and this time, there was a lion" ("Bogey"). The Calling leads him to the Stones' house. Ben and Eagan later see the lion in his garage. 

  • Bloody tears: Michaela sees tears of blood streaming down her own face ("Bogey"). Saanvi later has them IRL while working on the ark fragment and becomes seriously ill ("Bogey"). The Calling convinces Ben there's a lie threatening Saanvi's life, a revelation that leads her to confess that she killed the Major ("Bogey").

Burning passengers

  • Snow globe: Grace gives Cal a snow globe that belonged to her brother ("Precious Cargo"). He later sees the mountain inside it transform into an exploding volcano with hot orange lava, heralding the coming 828-induced apocalypse ("Destination Unknown"). When Cal touches the snow globe, it burns him ("Compass Calibration"). Eden sees the same vision later on ("Relative Bearing"). 

  • Flames: Ben experiences a Calling with 15 passengers' photos bursting into flames and concludes they are endangering the Lifeboat ("Destination Unknown"). Ben's Calling takes him to a passenger named Rachel whose ex is abusing her sister. Later on, Cal sees passenger Astrid's photo burning ("Bogey"). After Saanvi throws the ark fragment in lava, Mick, Ben, Angelina, and Cal all see, hear, and feel themselves burning alive ("Duty Free"). Going forward, Cal's body becomes increasingly covered with real burns from the Calling.

  • Robin: When Ben finds her, she tells Ben she saw the racing flag logo from Cody Webber's shop. When Astrid later hears their son's voice pleading for help, they realize Cody kidnapped his son from his ex ("Compass Calibration"). While Ben is attacking Cody, Cal also sees his dad's photo burning on the evidence board. Astrid sees Robin missing a shoe, covered in orange chip dust, and unable to breathe, which leads them to save Robin from an allergic reaction in the bunker where he's hidden. 

  • World card: As Michaela reaches to pick up the world tarot card, the lava on the card glows and burns her hand ("Precious Cargo"). 

Apocalyptic visions

  • Burning alive: After Adrian claims the Callings are creating false prophets, Ben finds an apocalyptic Bible verse ("Unaccompanied Minors"). The Callings continue to intensify, and Cal tells Ben, "It's like the Callings were angry at us," which Ben agrees with ("Duty Free"). Ben later receives "over 20 emails" and "about a dozen voicemails" from passengers with the same Calling, leading him to believe it's the most important Calling so far. Michaela, Ben, and Angelina see the Calling so vividly that a cab driver worries Angelina will vomit in his ride. In a holding cell, Adrian tells Eagan the Callings are relentless and he has felt as if he's on fire all day. 
  • Bleeding plane: Michaela, Bethany, and Eagan see visions of the plane bleeding and Eagan opening the emergency door ("Mayday: Part 1"). Eagan also sees a raven and feels acute danger in the Calling. They later see the same vision with Adrian's eyes bleeding and Angelina leaving a trail of blood in her wake ("Mayday: Part 1" and "Part 2").
  • Cal's burns: When Cal's burns continue to worsen, he feels compelled to find the tailfin. He heads to Eureka to follow the Calling ("Duty Free"). He touches the tailfin and disappears ("Mayday: Part 1"). 
  • Underwater: Ben induces a Calling where he and Cal see themselves underwater with the tailfin ("Mayday: Part 1"). This corresponds to Cal's Calling of the tailfin underwater. They return it to a location from Cal's drawings relating to Dr. Gupta's childhood ("Mayday: Part 2"). 

Henry Kim

  • Cherry blossoms: Michaela has recurring visions of water, cherry blossoms, and a freighter ship that leads her to find Henry Kim hiding in a shipping container ("Touch-and-Go"). 

  • Stone 828: Henry Kim has "Stone 828" scratched into his arm ("Touch-and-Go"). When Henry sees Cal, he recognizes him immediately.

  • Black box: Henry says he needs to give a box to "the boy." This clue and a ticking sound leads Cal to the black box still hidden in Henry's shipping container ("Touch-and-Go"). Saanvi finds this perplexing since the rest of the plane disappeared. While listening to the box, Saanvi hears Captain Daly crying for help on the black box and later realizes all of the Callings are hidden on the audio in ultra-low frequency (ULF) after Henry tells them there's an "ocean of voices" on it ("Touch-and-Go"). 

  • Cal's scar: As Henry surrenders to police, he and Cal are transported to an empty plane. Below the plane, Cal sees a volcano with orange hot lava ("All-Call"). In the vision, Henry tries to give Cal something, but there's nothing there. When Cal goes to see Henry about the Calling, Henry tells Cal that he is a dragon and shows him the dragon scar, which later appears on Cal's arm ("Touch-and-Go"). Much later, Saanvi finds it glowing with sapphire ("Inversion Illusion").

Eden's drawings

  • Angelina's connection: Cal draws Angelina and continues to be psychically connected to her ("Destination Unknown"). He and Angelina later realize she's also connected to Eden somehow ("Compass Calibration").

  • Chicken coop: While checking in at the 828 registry, Adrian sees a vision of a chicken coop and follows the Calling to find Angelina ("All-Call").

  • Windmill: Wind blows through Ben's attic, knocking down his papers. He notices the photo of interpreter Anna Ross fluttering in the wind ("Touch-and-Go"). Anna claims she's having visions of a windmill and gravestones, but this information is actually coming from Eden's drawings ("Touch-and-Go"). When Ben hears wind again, he sees a windmill moving on Eden's death certificate. At the windmill, Ben follows the weathervane to save a young boy. Anna later sees ash coming into her kitchen as she looks over the drawing, leading her to tell Angelina, "Something's coming. Something terrifying." 

  • Ben's ceiling: The librarian gives Ben a flower drawn by Eden ("High Flight"). While looking at it, Ben sees a flower drawing appear on his attic ceiling as Eden draws it in real time. As Angelina forces Eden to draw, the child becomes connected with her father, drawing circles with dots and spiders that appear in the attic ("All-Call"). Olive later recognizes the Calling from her and Cal's "Treasure Hunt" rhyme. Ben writes the word "Dad" back to her, and she writes it in her food ("High Flight").

Divine consciousness

  • Amuda's storm: Michaela experiences lightning and thunder that leads her to 828 co-pilot Amuta, who tells her what he and Captain Daly saw on Flight 828 ("All-Call").
  • Cal's memory: Cal's gets his memory back after touching the tailfin and realizes he was on Flight 828 with Daly and Fiona ("High Flight"). He tells Saanvi and Michaela has was supposed to remember something after returning.

  • Thunderbird and fog: Michaela is visiting Evie's grave when she sees a thunderbird and fog ("Go-Around"). This leads her to the Indian reservation where she helps Kyle with his mother and receives a new blanket containing a clue for her troubles. Kyle also sees Michaela surrounded by fog in his Calling. 

  • Olive and Cal's puzzle: Olive and Cal lay out all of their clues on the dining table, revealing a hidden inscription on the compass. When Michaela adds the blanket, they put the clues together and realize they're pointing to the Divine Consciousness, which Cal believes they were inside of while on Flight 828 ("Go-Around"). When Olive tells him he is "directly connected to the Divine Consciousness," all of the clues begin to glow for him ("Go-Around").  

Finding Eden

  • Bees: After learning Ben went missing, Michaela is buzzed by a bee ("Squawk"). At the compound, Eden follows a bee to find her father locked in the basement but doesn't recognize him. Later, she is swarmed by bees while asking Zeke how he's feeling. When she learns about Jared and Drea's honey, this leads them back to the compound.
  • Eagan's intel: Eagan gives Ben information about Eden in exchange for his release, claiming the intel came from a Calling. When Ben grabs the piece of paper, it burns his hand ("Go-Around"). Ben follows the information to Adrian's compound, where he is promptly knocked out and tied up in the basement. 

  • Angelina's ashes: Ben sees ash falling all around him and he and Eagan find themselves standing in lava ("High Flight"). He later sees ash and dust all over the attic ("High Flight"). Erika shows Angelina that she's rigged the place to explode if the police come ("Squawk"). After Adrian casts her out, Angelina holds up the detonator, telling the passengers it's their judgment day, and Calling ashes begin falling all over them. 

  • Cal's calling during the explosion: In the MRI machine, Cal sees himself inside a storm with bees, a jingling bell, streaming lava, and Ben holding a crying Eden ("Squawk"). Cal saves the compound passengers from Angelina, but although everyone gets out, she blows up the compound. Despite being inside at the time, Cal and Angelina walk out barely scathed ("Squawk"). 

Passengers in trouble

  • Aquarium: Michaela has a Calling where the floor turns into an aquarium that leads her to a murdered passenger ("Relative Bearing").

  • Bloody red X: While at the police station, Michaela sees an X resembling the Xers' mark scrawled in red paint ("Relative Bearing"). She later realizes this points to Angelina's mother as the killer ("Romeo," "Full Upright and Locked Position").

  • Ben's microwave music: Ben hears Radd's music coming from the microwave. He finds Radd and learns the rest of the song, a bridge corresponding to the New York phone number for Cal's doctor. After calling it, he learns that Cal has fallen out of remission ("Full Upright and Locked Position"). 

  • Eden's letters: Despite being unable to spell, Eden spells out the letters "ALNI" leading to a facility where the nonverbal passengers are being kept ("Romeo"). While visiting Marko after a vision of burning passengers, Ben realizes the passengers are awake.

  • Glowing patient files: While looking through the patient file room, Saanvi sees their brain scans light up with a glowing light parallel to the sky ("Romeo"). She concludes this means the nonverbal passengers are directly connected to the Divine Consciousness.

Sinking lifeboat

  • Cal's visions: Cal tells Olive he had a Calling during the explosion. In it, he saw all of his past Callings and sensed the Lifeboat is sinking ("Relative Bearing").

  • Crashing plane: During Zeke and Michaela's anniversary dinner, Michaela, Saanvi, Ben, and Cal experience shaking and find themselves on a very turbulent, nosediving Flight 828. They realize that everyone else is in it including Jared and Olive. The call light comes on, and Cal is struck by a sense of foreboding. Saanvi notices Thomas at the back of the plane "pulling at the cargo hatch like his life depended on it" ("Rendezvous").

  • Marko's volcano: Zeke brings Marko to visit a dying Cal, who draws a volcano with pen and paper ("Rendezvous"). Eden gives the volcano snow globe to Marko, and the lava later heats up until the globe explodes. 

  • Lava plane: Saanvi and the Stones are thrown into Flight 828 as it's being consumed by lava and fire. As they're realizing the Death Date applies to an apocalypse, Eagan shows up holding the Omega Sapphire but then disappears when Angelina knocks him out in the real world ("Rendezvous"). The passengers continue to see ash as the ground starts to crack in the real world ("Inversion Illusion").

Angelina and the Omega Sapphire

  • Eagan's induced calling: In his motel bathroom, Eagan sees dark smoke pouring from the faucet that covers the walls with black. In the distance, he hears Adrian calling for help and calls back to him ("Full Upright and Locked Position"). Saanvi later induces another of Eagan's Callings with sapphire, but he pretends it didn't work. In reality, his Calling leads him to a building containing the Omega Sapphire.

  • Compass: Saanvi and Michaela see the needle spinning on the compass and follow it to the building where they hid Thomas ("Rendezvous"). As they step into the boiler room, Eagan knocks down part of the wall and bursts in with Thomas' boyfriend Leo who volunteers next door. They find a puzzle hidden in the wall that leads to the Omega Sapphire. After they remove the sapphire, the building starts falling around them and Thomas shows up to reunite with Leo. 

  • Angelina: Angelina uses the sapphire to create false Callings of Grace. Michaela sees the faceless glass angel, leading her to Angelina's school where she's using the sapphire to create lava. When Cal's scar glows blue, he psychically battles Angelina. As she flees, lava fissures emerge all around her.

  • Cal's death: Cal begins coughing, and his health rapidly begins to worsen until he learns he's dying ("Squawk," "Romeo"). After saving everyone at the compound, his condition begins to deteriorate rapidly but Zeke takes Cal's cancer, dying in his place ("Relative Bearing," "Inversion Illusion").