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Manifest Showrunner Admits Zeke's Big Season 4 Moment Had Been Planned For A While

Contains spoilers for "Manifest" Season 4

As anybody who has spent any amount of time watching "Manifest" might be able to tell you, the show deals with mystery, fate, fantastic pseudo-science, vast conspiracies, and what could only really be called religion — at least when it comes to some grand plan in which humanity is bound. At first, "Manifest" kicks off with Flight 828 and its crew and passengers, but this airplane is special because, after a bout of turbulence, the flight finds itself propelled several years into the future. Not only is there a mysterious time jump, but the passengers on the plane begin to experience visions that lead them to save lives, and be exactly where they need to be when they need to be there.

In other words, there is a force that often lacks a conventional explanation, which causes people to react in many different ways. Some see these new powers as a boon, others as a curse, and some believe they're worthy of worship or research. Currently in its fourth and final season, "Manifest" has released the first part of its final act, and it involves a shocking choice for Zeke (Matt Long) that affects Cal Stone (Ty Doran). However, it seems that this turn of events, much like many of the events in "Manifest," was already predestined to happen.

Zeke's choice was decided long ago

As Season 4 progresses, it becomes apparent that Cal Stone is actually one of the most important people on the planet. As where some of the characters in "Manifest" believe that June 2, 2024 will be the end of their lives, it is later established that it is a date for a likely armageddon, and it is actually for the end of humanity. Considering that Cal needs to be the one to save humanity, his terminal cancer diagnosis from the very first episode is definitely an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Knowing this, Zeke calls upon his powers to draw the deadly cancer from Cal, which completely cures Cal, though the side effect is that Zeke must give up his own life in order to do so. This may have come as a shock to fans of "Manifest," but series creator Jeff Rake says that Zeke's ultimate fate was always planned.

Speaking with TV Guide, Rake said, "We've been planning for it for a long time. I sat Matt down a long time ago and walked him through it just because I wanted him to know what was coming. And you know, it's a tough one, but it was a powerful turn and one that we thought was worth taking and important for story." He continued, "And it's just one of those hard turns in the writers room that you have to take some times and we're proud of the work, but we're heartsick about it." One thing is for certain though, and that is Zeke's sacrifice is sure to have a lasting impact on the rest of "Manifest."