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The Manifest Character You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Flying internationally can be intense under the best of circumstances, but for the unfortunate passengers of Montego Air Flight 828, turbulence and cramped legroom are the least of their worries. When the plane lands more than five years later than it's originally scheduled to, the Stone family and their fellow passengers arrive home to find their lives in shambles and their minds filled with vivid and prescient hallucinations. And that's to say nothing of the peripheral drama that comes from the anti-828 bigots, the hate group, the 828-worshiping cult, the screwy NSA operation, and the host of other bad actors that populate the world of "Manifest."

The 828ers live in a world where signs, wonders, and mythology can mean a connection to the Divine Consciousness, but it will take all of their gifts to get to the heart of the puzzle and save the world from its prophesied doom. While getting off a plane to find your job gone and your mind hijacked would certainly be less than ideal, at least the passengers have each other. To find out where you would fit in their Lifeboat, read on to learn which "Manifest" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Ben Stone

When the apocalypse is nigh and signs and wonders are everywhere, fire signs like Aries are co-captains of the world's Lifeboat. If you were born under this capable sign, it's time to shave off that dad beard, because your kindred 828er is hot Math Dad Ben Stone. The Stoniest of all the Family Stone and a vision in comfortable but attractive menswear, Ben loves three things above all: his family, his investigation wall, and dramatically whipping off his glasses.

As an Aries, Ben has a naturally bold spirit and is prone to risky behavior, something that can cause a rift with his loved ones at times. While other signs are content to do normal people things like wait for results to come in before making rash decisions, Ben is naturally impetuous and can't resist a good lead, no matter how potentially dangerous it is. They can also be incredibly jealous, as Ben is with Danny, whose only fault was being there for a completely available widow years after the loss of her husband and child.

As their sharp intellects attest, Rams like Ben are driven by their heads rather than their hearts. Not everyone has the chops for a life as a professional mathematician, but for Ben, it's as much a personality trait as it is a job, whether he's using his math skills to work a university gig or sneak his way into corporate secrets. Aries also tend to have excellent organizational skills, and Ben's wall of clues is almost a work of art.

Taurus: Adiran Shannon

If you were born under the sign of the bull, the 828 passenger you most identify with is cult leader Adrian Shannon. While other 828 passengers blindly follow the Callings, Tauruses have a natural inclination to challenge authority, and Adrian is skeptical of everything — including the Callings' intent, the government's plans for the 828ers, and Ben and the other Stones' motivations. Tauruses tend to be incredibly tenacious and hardworking, traits that serve Adrian well whether he's making a name for himself as an entrepreneur or adapting to post-828 life. They can struggle with big changes like the one Adrian experiences after returning from a time slip to learn there's no place left for him in his professional life. But they're also excellent at connecting with others, which comes in handy when he decides to found the Church of the Returned. But don't assume he's just scheming — Tauruses are creatures of faith who often cling to their religious roots, and as the son of a preacher, Adrian's roots are in the Bible.

An earth sign, Taurus thrives in its home environment. For some, that means kicking back with a "Manifest" binge, but for Adrian, it means creating his own culty survivalist 828 compound complete with crops and a honey business. Unfortunately, Tauruses tend to go all in on everything they do, which is exactly how Adrian's compound ends in a fiery explosion.

Gemini: Olive Stone

The sign of the twins, Gemini is appropriate for Stone twin Olive. When their relationship changes after her brother's time slip leaves the siblings five and a half years apart, the adaptable Olive accepts her new role as big sister for her still-tween sibling and then adapts once more when he inexplicably ages down the road. She has a whimsical side that helps her connect with him despite their temporary age gap, a side that shows when they're singing the treasure hunt song.

Geminis are notoriously loyal — sometimes to a fault. For Olive, this loyalty manifests as initial rejection of her mom's boyfriend Danny after Flight 828 goes missing, leaving Ben and Cal presumed dead. She can also be fairly moody at times, often directing her negative energy at others. Gemini is a mercurial air sign, and Olive likes trying on new things whether they're rock climbing, dabbling in a cult, or flirting with college boys. Because Geminis are keen learners, they tend to be curious and know a little about everything, which makes the brainy Olive an excellent resource while the Stones are working their way through the Callings as she often pulls clues from the pages of her textbooks.

Cancer: Grace Stone

If you were born under the water sign Cancer, your "Manifest" character is Grace, the glue that holds the Stone family together. Grace is a sensitive spirit who often has to put her own feelings aside for the good of her family; Cancers are the sign that everyone else looks to for comfort and care, even if it means the Crab's own needs go unmet. For Grace, this means there's very little time for working through her complicated feelings, dealing with grief, or taking time out for herself. But this doesn't mean she's any less sensitive than the other Stones, and even the Stone family's rock has to fall apart sometimes. Grace's loyalty to Ben is profound. Despite having long accepted her husband's death as a fact of life and gone through the grieving process, she gets rid of her new guy without hesitation once Ben and Cal resurface.

Cancers are great with kids, and Grace is a fantastic mother to her three children. She can be maternal with others in need and is compassionate enough to open her home to others like Zeke and Angelina. But Grace is driven to protect her family and has no problem casting Angelina out of her home after the girl proves an unstable threat to the Stone family. The gourmands of the zodiac, Cancers love good food and even better wine, and Grace dreams of opening her own restaurant — even if that dream is ripped away when she has to spend her restaurant money on Ben.

Leo: Michaela Stone

If Aries are the captains of the world's Lifeboat, Leos are the perfect co-captains, and Ben and Michaela understand this better than anyone. Like all fire signs, Leos have an innate inner confidence and are very comfortable in their own shoes. It's a confidence that Michaela Stone demonstrates every day, whether she's chasing down a Calling or working as a detective for the NYPD. Leos like Mick have a need to be in control and aren't afraid to bend or break the rules to get and maintain it. Even if Michaela pretends not to sometimes, she craves excitement like her brother and is often the first person rushing into a dangerous situation. As one of the more determined zodiac signs, Leos can be like a dog with a bone when they get stuck on an idea. For Mick, this means solving the callings by hook or by crook, often coercing others — like Mikami — to bend the rules in the process.

Leos are known for their powerful memories and can have trouble moving on from the past, and Michaela is no exception. It's probably why she can't stay away from Jared and still beats herself up over Evie's death years down the road. Despite their many flaws, Leos can be caring creatures, especially when it comes to their family members, and it's plain to see how much Michaela loves her own family whether she's hanging out with Cal or fighting for Zeke.

Virgo: Saanvi Baal

When there's a planet-killing-level event on the calendar and the key to saving the world lies somewhere in the murky ether between mystical hallucinations and science, you need a Virgo like Saanvi Bahl in your Lifeboat. If you were born under this sign, you are an asset to everyone around you. While Virgos are an earth sign represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, the world would be wise not to underestimate these powerful souls. Like all Virgos, Saanvi is driven by the need to feel helpful even if she occasionally loses her bearings and gets lost in the task, which is exactly what happens on her road to help Cal with his cancer and save the 828ers from their death date.

One of the brainiest signs in the zodiac, Virgos are brilliant to the point of hubris and can end up completely obsessing with the puzzle in front of them, as Saanvi does at Eureka. They have a natural desire to fix things, and sometimes their fixes can backfire, as Saanvi's did when she went after the Major and accidentally killed her. And as Saanvi's tears of blood and mad science self-experimentation demonstrate, Virgos are among the more neurotic signs in the zodiac. But despite their pitfalls, Virgos always get the job done no matter what it takes to get there — even if it means pushing the boundaries of science with sapphire and a chunk of Noah's ark or dumping a big old chunk of airplane tail fin in the ocean.

Libra: Cal Stone

"Manifest" fans born under the sign of Libra share zodiac traits with the Holy Grail himself, Cal Stone. As the scales of the zodiac, Libras exist to right what's wrong in the world, just as with a little help from the Divine Consciousness, Cal slowly begins to uncover his own role in the 828er End of Days. Born under an air sign, Cal is a naturally easygoing guy with a peaceful spirit. Whether he's stricken with childhood cancer, Callings, or some kind of Calling-related affliction, he adapts well to his circumstances. After unexpectedly aging up to his normal age, effectively losing five more years of his life, Cal just goes with it, casually picking up a fake ID, getting a grown-up girlfriend, and taking on his share of Calling-related investigations. Even when he's on death's doorstep, mellow Cal doesn't want anyone to fuss over him other than to pass him a glass of bubbly.

But Libras are more than just chill vibes and positive energy — they're also some of the most artistic spirits, and Cal is no exception. The young 828er has a knack for recreating his Callings as art whether he's creating a family tableau of Al-Zuras' Lifeboat, crafting a beautifully 3D wood dragon, or artfully rendering them in crayon on paper. And that's to say nothing of his karaoke skills.

Scorpio: Angelina Meyer

If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, you're a force to be reckoned with, much like your "Manifest" counterpart Angelina. Thanks to her zealot parents, Angelina has known some serious trauma in her short lifetime, and it left an indelible mark on her soul. But even under the best of circumstances, Scorpion spirits have a tendency to feel everything much more strongly than the other signs in the zodiac. Scorpios are icebergs with most of their feelings and thoughts running deep beneath the still surface, which is probably why no one saw what Angelina was capable of until she started wreaking mayhem and murder on the Stone household.

Although Scorpios can be very disciplined when they commit to it, they have a tendency to obsess over things, as Angelina does when she tries to be like Olive and becomes fixated on baby Eden. Scorpios also have to work against their natural impulses — especially when those impulses include felonies and delusions of grandeur. On the plus side, Scorpios are capable of adapting to dramatic changes just as Angelina easily adjusts to life in the Stone household, on the run, in a cult compound, and as a supernaturally charged, lava-wielding usher of the apocalypse.

Sagittarius: Eagan

"Manifest" fans who were born under the sign of the Archer Sagittarius will find a kindred spirit in Eagan. With his eidetic memory and high IQ, Eagan is intellectually capable even if his heart often lags behind his mind. As a Sagittarius, he's known for his sarcastic and often tactless speech, which can be off-putting to others around him even if it's always technically the truth. But then, he sees no need to follow the rules of polite society — especially if that society has nothing to offer survivors of Flight 828. And let's face it, no one else was going to say it.

As the Archers of the zodiac, Sagittariuses like Eagan are used to getting by on their own and don't like to depend on others. Unfortunately, this self-reliance can turn into self-serving, which is Eagan's biggest personality flaw. Like too many Sagittarians, fire sign Eagan gets caught up in looking after Number One with little regard for how his actions impact others, like when he steals the Omega Sapphire and inadvertently kickstarts the Angelina Apocalypse. But then maybe if he had kept his Saggitarian overconfidence in check, she wouldn't have knocked him silly and jacked his magic gem.

Capricorn: Robert Vance

The tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is represented by the mythical hybrid creature the sea-goat — a fitting mascot for Robert Vance, a man who defies expectations time and again by following his own keen moral compass. A Capricorn tends to be the grownup in every situation, the responsible friend motivated by a strong sense of duty and unafraid to step into a leadership role; Robert Vance epitomizes these qualities. While many other zodiac signs are friendly and easy to get to know right off the bat, Capricorns like Vance take time to warm up to others — like Robert does with the 828ers, because he's more focused on understanding what's at stake than making friends. But even when he's being standoffish, he's always polite — or at least civil.

Ambitious, organized, and focused, Vance always has the 828ers' backs even when it doesn't seem like it. While their commitment to duty can make them seem emotionally detached, Capricorns are every bit as emotional as the rest of the zodiac. But their Capricorn ability to push on so you never know what they're going through is refined — as evidenced by the way Ben never knows how deeply Vance is suffering from his divorce and the trauma of Eagan's past actions until the G-man finally opens up and tells him.

Aquarius: Drea Mikami

Drea Mikami is one of the 828ers' fiercest allies as well as a dear friend to Michaela Stone. Aquarians are the water-bearers of the zodiac, and Mikami is always carrying water for the Stones — and she does it with a smile on her face. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians are air signs that refuse to be bogged down by conventional thinking or follow the paths that others lay out for them. Despite growing up with affluence, Mikami wants nothing more than to be a police detective, and she's great at her job. Her Aquarius personality serves her well in her role at the NYPD, especially when she's helping out her 828 friends, the Stone family.

While the Stones often encounter barriers in their efforts to follow the callings, this equestrian Aquarian never met a hurdle she couldn't leap right over, often gracefully so. The clever Mikami is good at working around the rules, even if it means bribing her coworkers with cake just to lure them away from their computers. Quirky, adorable, and spontaneous, Mikami is always quick with a smile — something Jared can't help but notice. And dating her former partner's ex is no problem for this drama-free detective, whose big heart has more than enough room for everyone in her life.

Pisces: Zeke Landon

One of the purest souls to receive Callings despite not actually being on Flight 828, Zeke Landon epitomizes the Pisces spirit. The Stones met Zeke when a Calling led them to him, saving his life and bringing him into their own. Like his kindred Pisces spirits the world over, Zeke has a beautiful and nurturing heart that he uses to help others. An empath after surviving his own Death Date, Zeke uses his ability to heal others' pain, even if he does so to his own detriment at times. Due to his past trauma and his need to atone for his mistakes, Zeke is often overwhelmed by sadness. Like all Pisces, he would do well to remember that self-care is essential for anyone who wants to remain healthy enough to render aid to the ailing souls of the world, but his compassionate heart can't help but put others first.

His Neptune-ruled spirit makes Zeke an understanding partner and friend, a perfect mate for the troubled 828er Michaela Stone. While other husbands might get jealous or distrustful when their wife's ex hangs around, the gentle-natured empath is always trusting and devoted, which makes perfect sense since he knows he has nothing to worry about. What woman wouldn't prefer a lovely Pisces over a temperamental detective?