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What Is The Song In Apple's RIP Leon iPhone 14 Commercial?

When it comes to offering a wide range of products full of exciting features, entertaining content, and game-changing innovations, it's no secret Apple has a well-established reputation for putting out products customers enjoy. When it is time to advertise its gear, Apple makes sure to find fascinating ways to get people's attention. 

To promote its streaming service, Apple enlisted the help of celebrities in funny ads like when Timothée Chalamet told Apple to call him. Apple has also utilized exceptional visuals and solid song choices. Some examples include the "Bigger and Better" iPhone 14 commercial that used Idris Elba's "Biggest" and the "Brand New Flavor" iPad promotion featuring Eliza Legzdina and Ruckspin's "Yum."

Given its record, Apple has a knack for track selection regarding its marketing material, and that carries over for the latest commercial. Many would agree that the music selection for the twist-filled "RIP Leon" commercial is a solid contender for being yet another excellent choice to show off a new feature for one of Apple's most popular items, but some want to know what's the song used in the ad.

The RIP Leon ad features an appropriately named track from artist Hanni El Khatib

In the "RIP Leon" ad (via YouTube), a lizard lays lifeless on his back, and his owner texts a friend about the sad news before Leon — the lizard — springs back to life. Luckily with the unsend message" feature the ad showcases, Leon's owner erases the text. The big reveal regarding the new feature and Leon's miracle goes particularly well with Hanni El Khatib's "Alive," which is the track used for the commercial. 

The song comes off the artist's 2020 album "Flight," and the music video features an individual in a "Looney Tunes" Sylvester the Cat costume falling down the stairs, revealing it to be the singer himself at the end (via YouTube). In regard to his music, Khatib has been described by The Guardian as "former skate-punk raised on vintage rock and R&B [who] is keeping the spirit of '76 alive with his primal raunch 'n' roll." 

The "RIP Leon" ad isn't the first time his music has been associated with a big name. Music from his catalog has appeared in several shows, including "Suits," "Gotham," "Loudermilk," "Rookie Blue," and "Elementary" (via Tunefind).

Khatib has put out a unique sound throughout his career. Hearing his track "Alive" was a great way to commemorate the news regarding this game-changing feature and help viewers get through that rough time when everyone almost lost Leon.