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What Is The Song In Apple's Brand-New Flavor iPad Commercial?

Apple has always had a very distinctive branding style. From its simple, recognizable logo and the sleek design of its products, to the futuristic appearance of its storefronts, Apple takes almost every opportunity to advertise and strengthen its brand. Of course, Apple also creates regular television commercials for new versions of its products, such as iPads, iPhones, headphones, and laptop computers. These commercials typically feature songs to support the commercial's message, such as the song in Apple's "I Look Real Good Today" commercial and the song in Apple's "What Should I Do If I Lost My iPhone" commercial.

The newest commercial released by Apple is advertising the variety of colors (or "brand-new flavors") that are available in its 10th generation iPads, iPad Pros, and accessories such as the Apple Pencil (a stylus for use with tablets). In Apple's "Brand-New Flavor" iPad commercial, a grey man splits into different versions of himself: red, yellow, and blue. The four men then showcase the different colors (silver/grey, red, yellow, and blue) available for the new iPads and cases. At the end of the commercial, it says "A brand new flavor of iPad." Although colors are not exactly the same thing as flavors, this metaphor is easy for viewers to grasp because colors are often used to describe flavors.

In the commercial, fittingly, there is a catchy song playing in the background with lyrics about wanting to try new flavors of candy. Some viewers have been wondering what the song in Apple's "Brand-New Flavor" iPad commercial is, and where they can listen to it. 

The song in Apple's new iPad commercial is Yum!

It turns out that the song in Apple's "Brand-New Flavor" iPad commercial is "Yum!" by Eliza Legzdina and Ruckspin. This song has not appeared on any studio-length albums from either artist, but "Yum!" was released as a single in 2022 (via Apple Music).

"Yum!" is perfect for Apple's "Brand-New Flavor" iPad commercial because it is an upbeat, catchy song with lyrics all about different flavors of candy and sweets. "Yum, yum, yum, give me some" are the opening lyrics of the song, and they repeat several times before the song begins to describe more specific flavors such as lemon, peach, strawberry, chocolate, and cinnamon. Additionally, the song talks about the flavors being wrapped in pretty paper, which is reminiscent of how each new color of iPad also has a matching case in the same color.

Those interested in listening to "Yum!" by Eliza Legzdina and Ruckspin can stream the song on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, and Apple Music