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Timothée Chalamet Tells Apple To Call Him In Hilarious New Apple TV+ Commercial

There was once a time when Apple TV+ had everyone but Jon Hamm. In fact, that was a tagline of a commercial that the streamer released around this time last year, in which Jon Hamm longingly gazed at actors who had appeared in Apple TV+ projects: Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Holland, Chris Evans. Naturally, Hamm began to wonder if he could stake his own claim in the Apple universe.

Of course, following that commercial, Hamm went on to nab a role in "The Morning Show" Season 3. And regarding Apple TV+, they didn't do so badly in 2022, either. "Ted Lasso" won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for the second year in a row, and "Severance" picked up multiple Emmy nominations and two wins (via Emmys.com). Oh, and Apple's Sundance darling "CODA" won Best Picture at the Oscars — the first film distributed by a streaming service to do so.

That said, it was only a matter of time before other successful actors began to pine after Apple TV+ roles. Enter: Timothée Chalamet, who just released his own hilarious commercial begging Apple to hire him.

Chalamet wants his own documentary on Apple TV+

In the hilarious new commercial, which features Timothée Chalamet learning about high-profile Apple projects as life passes him by, there's a sense that the actor is frustrated. Adding to the mood is the tragique French song "Que c'est triste Venise," which plays in the background and speaks of a heartbreak that eclipses all beauty in the world. Appropriately, Chalamet continues to ignore beautiful, fabulous sights around him — such as a crowd of adoring fans — as he dwells upon his lack of collaborations with Apple TV+.

"Why don't I have a documentary?" he wonders, after seeing a header for Selena Gomez's "My Mind & Me." "I guess I could do prison," he muses, after learning about the crime drama "Black Bird." Later, it all comes to a head when Chalamet's "Dune" costar Jason Momoa calls to crow about his new Apple TV+ series, "Chief of War." Defeated and depressed, Chalamet ultimately collapses onto his bed and stares wistfully into the camera, ending with: "Hey Apple, call me."

Here's hoping the ploy works for Chalamet just as it did for Jon Hamm. Considering Chalamet's soulful gaze as the commercial fades to black, that shouldn't be too tall of an order.