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What Is The Song In Apple's iPhone 14 'Big And Bigger' Commercial?

Since the first-generation iPhone was unveiled in 2007, Apple has continued developing more upgraded versions of the device. They have become so advanced that movies have been completely shot on iPhones. Along with making "The Office" part of iPhone history, Steve Jobs' work made its mark. iPhones have become synonymous with communication and connection.

As a company that's always working to improve its innovation, it makes sense that Apple would develop creative ways to promote its devices. When a new product drops at Apple, an ad campaign to announce it is never far behind. Though the iPhone has maintained the bones of its original design over the years, the latest versions of the product definitely improve on those earlier models. In September 2022, Apple introduced consumers to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max (via Apple). To show off the new generation, the company crafted a visually dynamic advertisement with an equally engaging soundtrack. We've got you covered if you don't recognize the energetic song that plays throughout the commercial.

Apple shows off bigger and better products with help from an Idris Elba song

The song featured in Apple's iPhone 14 'Big and Bigger' commercial is "Biggest" by Idris Elba. According to Apple, the Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max tote a better camera, all-day battery life, and a sleeker design, allowing for an improved user experience. The song's beat is perfect for the ad, which quickly transitions from scene to scene to show off the various upgrades. Elba is an award-winning actor whose diverse talent allows him to take on roles that are daring, heartwarming, and everything in between (via IMDb). However, Elba wants people to know that he thinks of himself as a musician first and an actor second.

"There's a huge stigma attached to actors or musicians crossing over from one side to the other. No one likes to see it. 'Stay where you are!'" the actor told The Guardian, explaining that he worried about how branching out into music would change his perception as an actor. He continued: "Because my music is so much more truthful about my art – me – than my acting is. Music comes from my soul. I can connect with you more through my music."

The song matches the energy of Apple's commercial, which hones in on the iPhone 14's more practical uses. If Elba's looking to make a full-time transition to music, he's definitely off to a good start.