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Cole Hauser's Wife Refuses To Let Him Spoil Yellowstone's Plot

The beginning of the "Yellowstone" journey was not necessarily a recipe for success. Airing on Paramount Network before the massive streaming war, Taylor Sheridan's modern western puts a microscope on a largely unempathetic family and their iron-clad hold on the cattle ranching industry in Montana. Yes, there's nothing else like it on television, but perhaps it takes a while to get going. Lately, however, fans have taken note, and the show has become one of the most buzzworthy shows of the past few years.

"Yellowstone" keeps breaking records and spawning a successful series of spin-offs, making many viewers wonder how the outlaw series will end. Sheridan has promised that he has a plan, but until then, it is being kept heavily under wraps. Even those lucky enough to be within a stone's throw of the series prefer to be surprised. Rip (Cole Hauser) may be committed to ruthless Dutton Beth (Kelly Reilly) in fiction, but his real-life wife prefers to be kept in the dark about where the series may lead.

She doesn't want to know what happens to Beth

Watching your husband in compromising positions with one of the most formidable women on television can't be easy, but Cole Hauser's wife takes it in stride. No matter how many bar brawls Beth Dutton instigates or how many brothers she plans on assassinating, there will always be fans rooting for her.

"I'm Team Beth. I'm always Team Beth," Cynthia Daniel confirmed to Entertainment Tonight. In light of Beth's most recent decisions, that is a strong stance to take. Throughout the series, the sole Dutton daughter has proven that she will please her father and retain his power by any means necessary. And after finding out that Jamie (Wes Bentley) and a score of Dutton loyalists have dumped bodies at the "train station," she is ready to put out a hit on her adoptive brother. Clearly, there is going to be no Jamie sympathy when the siblings inevitably come to blows. And fans are more than ready for this specific brand of sibling rivalry to come to an end. Even if it ends one of their lives.

But anyone thinking that Mrs. Daniel is angling to get an inside line on what's to come would be wrong. "I actually like to be treated as a fan," she continued. "I don't let [my husband] tell me anything. I don't read any of the scripts ahead of time."