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Yellowstone Fans Are Tired Of The Sibling Rivalry Storyline

Contains for "Yellowstone" Season 5, Episode 4 — "Horses in Heaven"

"Yellowstone" fans have had some definitively bleak opinions about Season 5 of the show since it began airing in November. Many loyal viewers have begun to call the program out for its repetitive storytelling tropes, which mainly feature the Dutton clan suffering mightily, then claiming rip-roaring revenge on their enemies. Fans are annoyed, for instance, with the fact that Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and his wife, Monica (Kelsey Asbille) are currently suffering through the aftermath of a miscarriage, which feels like an unnecessary trauma that doesn't do anything to drive either character's stories forward and just piles more misery onto their heads. 

The storyline is one of a number of stories that are feeling tiresome to some members of the audience, according to many posts on social media. At least one relationship on the show, in particular, has begun to draw grumbles from fans, who are getting awfully exhausted from the endless conflict between these two Dutton siblings.

Fans think Jamie and Beth's rivalry is understandable, but tedious

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) understandably holds a grudge against her half-brother, Jamie (Wes Bentley). After all, he's the reason why she can't have biological children after he took her to a clinic on the Broken Rock reservation after a teenage tryst with Rip (Cole Hauser) resulted in her pregnancy. She was sterilized after an abortion was performed at Jamie's request, and without her expressed consent. Add on a heaping helping of sibling rivalry and misplaced loyalties and you have a woman bent on revenge. When Jamie shows up to bail Beth out of jail during "Horses in Heaven," she realizes he's been caring for the child he shares with his ex-campaign manager and vows to take the kid from him just to rob him of the pleasure of parenthood that she has been denied.

But fans of "Yellowstone" are getting sick of Beth's vendetta, no matter how understandable it is, as Jamie has shown remorse for his horrible deed. On Twitter, many fans are both exhausted by the storyline and the character's treatment of each other. "I like Beth protecting the family and the ranch, I do. But this s*** with Jamie is gettin' played," said @AcezUp. They added that they're unsure if they're supposed to be rooting for Beth or rooting against her after her vow to take custody of the infant. @Timmysmash23 even called it the most irritating part of the program.

Some fans who are sick of the sibling rivalry storyline think it would help if Jamie worked up some courage around his sister. "Yea, they've gotten over that she's a bad ass and hates his guts like 3-4 times a show for 4+ seasons now. we get it. jamie not being such a whipped pup around her would help though," @MeSflanagan89 tweeted. 

Yellowstone fans on Reddit have also had enough

On the "Yellowstone" subreddit, the opinions from fans weren't much better. "This storyline is getting beyond ridiculous. She has no grounds to take his kid and it's like the writers aren't even trying anymore," said u/NoelCK. Redditor Birdietuesday had an idea for how to turn the Beth-Jamie situation into something new by bringing in a third party. "Just wait until they bring rip into it by telling him about Jamie's role in the abortion," they wrote. This would undoubtedly change the dynamic of the storyline, but it could have drastic repercussions for all three characters, especially Jamie.

Some viewers took a different route and offered up other storylines that the series should introduce to get away from all this repetitive Beth-Jamie nonsense. "Beth vs Jaime has to end. Dragged out way too long. [Bring] Kacey and his family back to the ranch. Have him and Rip do something interesting on the ranch. Develop Tate and Carter friendship," u/Sufficient_Tune_5871 suggested.

They'll have to keep watching to see how it all pans out. "Yellowstone" Season 5 is currently airing on the Paramount Network.