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Starz Has Dropped The First Trailer For The Party Down Revival

As Starz gears up for the return of "Party Down," which Deadline reported will debut on February 24, anticipation for the revived cult classic is rising. In December, the first teaser trailer dropped, which showed the old gang back together prepping for a party. Entertainment Weekly released new photos of the production, with all of the cast members in their signature white shirts and pink bow ties. The new images also showed new cast members James Marsden (Jack Botty) and Jennifer Garner (Evie), the latter of whom EW says is going to be playing Henry's (Adam Scott) new love interest, as his former love interest Casey (Lizzy Caplan) will not be returning. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Caplan had scheduling conflicts with shooting FX on Hulu's "Fleishman Is in Trouble."

EW also mentioned that the revival picks up after most of the main cast has left the catering company to start new lives and careers, but when they bump into each other they somehow end up reviving Party Down Catering and returning to their jobs from the original series. What exactly inspires the old gang to reunite remains unclear from the information released, but with only a month to go until the premiere, fans won't have to wait long to find out.

Now, the first full trailer for the new season is out and it looks to be another exciting outing for the world's most inept catering team.

Yes, Henry, we are indeed having fun now

The new trailer starts with the catering company's manager, Ron Donald (Ken Marino), waking up to a phone call as he's sleeping in the catering van for his company. The call is to book Party Down for an event, and Donald assures the caller that he's still open for business as the small-business owner gets himself dressed and discovers an obscene piece of graffiti on his truck. It then cuts to the reunion of the old gang, which is followed by a montage of the crew back serving food as a catering company and generally working parties.

The reason for everyone's return is still not mentioned in this trailer. In one scene, Lydia (Megan Mullally) asks Kyle (Ryan Hansen) if it feels good to be back at this job, to which he responds "No, it sucks." At another point, random party guests shout out "Are we having fun yet?" to Henry, calling back his famous catchphrase from the first two seasons. The trailer ends as Evie confronts Henry about the fact that the company's business cards are misspelled and read "Party Dowm."

Fans on social media were excited at the new trailer, but the absence of Lizzy Caplan was mentioned by a lot of people. "I didn't realize I wanted this show back so much," said @chalkitdown before complimenting the trailer and bemoaning the absence of Caplan. Journalist Dave Quinn admitted to shedding a few tears over the trailer, which he described as a normal reaction considering it's been 13 years since their last season. If the trailer is any indication, fans are in for one hilarious season of "Party Down."