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Party Down Season 3's First Teaser Reveals Just How Much The Crew's Changed In The Last Decade

Deadline first reported the return of cult comedy "Party Down" in November of 2021, with six of the seven original cast members returning, the lone absence being Lizzy Caplan, whose schedule conflicted with production. Caplan is a huge loss to the series, as her character Casey's romance with Henry (Adam Scott) was one of the driving forces of the show's first two seasons. However, new cast members will be joining the party, with Variety reporting in January that Jennifer Garner, Zoƫ Chao, and Tyrel Jackson Williams joining the cast, with James Marsden having a recurring role.

One of the show's stars, Ryan Hansen, took to Instagram in March to announce that filming had wrapped, posting a picture of all of the cast members in their signature white shirts and pink bow ties. It's unclear why the characters would be in uniform in the new season, though, as Variety reports that the new season takes place about a decade after the events of Season 2 after the characters have all moved on from their catering jobs.

Well, the first teaser and release date for the upcoming revival just dropped, and it promises to be every bit as much fun as the first two seasons.

Are we having fun yet? Yes, we certainly are

In the new teaser trailer for "Party Down" Season 3, the gang is seen getting ready in their white shirts and pink bow ties, unpacking champagne, and having a bit of a food fight with the uncorked champagne. The teaser ends with Henry saying, "Are we having fun yet?" a catchphrase that was introduced in Season 1 when it's established that Henry became known for appearing in a series of beer commercials.

Fan response on Twitter was immediately positive, with fans of the cult hit pleasantly surprised by the reboot. "WE'RE BACK AND STILL MORE FUN THAN THOSE F***ERS AT VALHALLA CATERING!" tweeted @SPAZZZY enthusiastically. "I'm about to be obnoxious about loving this series again," tweeted @CiderMillProd. Others had more specific comments, such as @c0astin, who commented on Adam Scott's exceptionally busy schedule.

The response over on Reddit was much the same, with the responses in the r/television subreddit being overwhelmingly positive. Still, u/olddicklemon72 and u/ArchDucky both pointed out the unfortunate absence of Lizzy Caplan. Others like u/VocationFumes celebrated the return of the near-complete original cast, choosing to see the glass as half full. One user, u/digitalmunsters, asked how the show would explain the 13-year gap in the narrative, with uWozard__Of__Iz responding, "I mean... The show has a built-in excuse: how many people really hit it big in Hollywood instead of just staying waiters?" It will be interesting to see what has happened to the characters in the intervening years when "Party Down" Season 3 debuts on February 24, 2023.