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Actual Superhero Jeremy Renner Was Reportedly Trying To Protect Nephew During His Snowplow Accident

On January 16, star of "The Hurt Locker" and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Hawkeye Jeremy Renner was released from the hospital following a snowplow incident that left him injured on New Year's Day. Renner casually dropped the fact that he was able to return home from his hospital stay in reply to a Tweet by the official account for "Mayor of Kingstown," in which he plays the lead character. In fact, "Mayor of Kingstown" altered a poster due to Renner's injuries, removing some cuts on the face of Renner's character that, with the actor's real-life accident in mind, might have skewed a little too close to reality.

When news of Renner's injuries first publicly began publicly circulating, fans learned that they were severe enough to require surgery. Immediately afterword his condition was still dire, albeit stable. Once he returned home, Renner revealed he broke 30 bones in total, helping to explain just why the length of his recovery was so considerable.

Naturally, the more time that passes in the incident's wake with Renner appearing to be okay, the more details about his snowplow accident are surfacing. In the latest tidbit that helps contextualize just what happened to him, it turns out Renner ended up crushed by this fateful snowplow while — somewhat reminiscent of the character he plays in the MCU's heroism — trying to protect his nephew.

Jeremy Renner didn't want what happened to him to happen to his nephew

An article that CNN published on January 25, which cites a report that the Washoe County Sherif's Office filed the previous Friday, reveals some new details about Jeremy Renner's New Year's Day snowplow accident previously unknown to the public. Chief among them is that Renner ended up crushed by his snowplow while trying to prevent the vehicle from colliding with his nephew.

As the report outlines, Renner was initially driving what it describes as a snow-removal tractor when it began sliding, presumably in an unintended direction, and on a collision course with his nephew. Renner was operating the device in the first place, it turns out, to free his nephew's truck from some snow. Once it started sliding, Renner exited the snowplow and attempted to stop it from reaching his nephew, at which point he was pulled under the vehicle and significantly injured.

This report also notes that engaging the parking break might have prevented such a situation, while likewise mentioning that a mechanical failure in the snowplow — chiefly a nonfunctional break indicator light — could have contributed to the accident. In either case, it's now a matter of public record that Renner sustained his injuries while selflessly trying to prevent the snowplow from colliding with his nephew and seemingly preventing the same thing from happening to his family member. Fortunately, by all accounts, Renner's nephew appears to be okay.