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Fans Were Chilled And Thrilled By The Opening Scene Of The Last Of Us Episode 2

The second entry of "The Last of Us" saw a record-breaking spike in the number of viewers tuning in to see the show, and the tense opening moments caused quite an uproar among fans.

HBO's new series, based on the video game of the same name, made viewership history with its premiere episode, "When You're Lost in Darkness." Episode 1 introduced fans to the harsh post-apocalyptic reality "The Last of Us" takes place in, as well as an assortment of characters, including Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey). The premiere kicked things off with a flashback sequence of a talk show in 1968 where an expert, in a chillingly effective manner, predicts the dire situation of a global pandemic involving a mass fungal infection. Flash forward to 2003, and the expert's prediction becomes a reality, turning the world into a wasteland.

The follow-up, "Infected," also provides some backstory concerning the origin of the fungus fusion frenzy. A professor of microbiology named Ratna Pertiwi (Christine Hakim) is picked up by Lt. Gen. Agus Hidayat (Yayu A.W. Unru) to look at a sample from an infected person. She panics when she looks at the body and finds mycelia in the corpse's mouth. Later, when asked about making a vaccine or cure, she shockingly indicates the only chance to stop it is to bomb the city and everyone in it, leaving Hidayat stunned at the devastating response. And he wasn't the only one shaken by the news, as several fans shared their reactions to the second episode's opener.

Some viewers couldn't help but comment on how darkly engrossing they found the opener for 'Infected'

There was no shortage of opinions on Twitter concerning the beginning of the second episode of "The Last of Us." 

"Chills watching the opening scene for 'The Last of Us,' Episode 2," @SenseiUcu wrote after witnessing "Infected." Meanwhile, @adrinktothepast posted, "That opening scene of 'The Last of Us' Episode 2 was harrowing." Others praised the actors in the scene, like Christine Hakim, who earned credit from @Harlem4Dais, who wrote, "'Last of Us' is quality TV! The opening scenes are perfect theater. The doctor's reaction in Episode 2 deserves an award." Even Yaya A.W. Unru received a shoutout from user @emzies6, who posted, "'The Last of Us' Episode 2 opening scene was SICK. The palpable tension, the look on the general's face when he's told there is no medicine. SO GOOD." And @SamLibby13 went a bit further, boldly stating, "The opening 10 minutes of Episode 2 of 'The Last of Us' is one of the greatest scenes I've ever seen on television."

Aside from terrifying viewers, the sequence reveals that the outbreak started in a flour and grain factory in Indonesia. While this is new for some, certain fans had already put this together through minor hints layered throughout the series premiere, and the creators let fans know they were on the right track with the theory. But the fear-filled reactions make sense because the cordyceps fungus is actually real, making the global pandemic witnessed in the series arguably all the more haunting to experience.