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The Witcher's Stephen Surjik Heaps Praise On Henry Cavill

While fans of Netflix's "The Witcher" have been remarkably critical about the show's first and second seasons (particularly due to the way in which those seasons departed from the show's source material, as with the death of a fan-favorite character) there is one aspect of the series that has received near-universal praise from both fans and critics alike — the performance of lead actor Henry Cavill.

Two seasons in, and fans cannot imagine anybody else playing the series' titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia: a fearsome monster hunter known across the Continent for his talent and his penchant for violence. On top of looking the part, Cavill himself is also a diehard fan of "The Witcher" games and novels, so much so that he has even promised the fans more book loyalty as the series enters Season 3. Cavill has established himself as the definitive live-action Geralt of Rivia – which is why it was so shocking to learn that he would be leaving the series after just three seasons, to be replaced by actor Liam Hemsworth.

On top of how jarring Cavill's abrupt departure might be for fans of the series, it seems as though his absence will also have an immense impact on the crew, as "The Witcher" director Stephen Surjik says that Cavill went out of his way to connect with every single member of the set.

Surjik says that Cavill introduced himself to every member of the production

In an interview with Brigade Radio-One (which was subsequently reposted to Twitter by @cavillpower) director Stephen Surjik praised the way that Henry Cavill introduced himself to the set, taking the time to shake everybody's hand.

"He shakes everyone's hand, he goes around the entire room," explained Surjik. "And this is not a small operation... this is a big a** production. So when he shakes everyone's hands I basically sit down, because I'm gonna be there for a little while." Surjik's praise went even further, highlighting how Cavill goes out of his way to learn everybody's name and what they do, and introduce himself to any new additions to the set. He concluded by saying that Cavill "could be a politician," emphasizing just how much of an impact he made on every single member of the production.

Considering just how much love Cavill has received from fans of the series, this connection he's made with the crew seems like yet another reason why he's become an essential cornerstone of the series itself — and as such, it will be very interesting to see how the show fares once Cavill has exited for good.