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Looper Survey: The Most Nostalgic Part Of That '90s Show According To Fans

"That '90s Show" is absolutely reveling in nostalgia, both for the original series "That '70s Show" and for the '90s themselves. Most of the show's original cast returned including Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty), Kurtwood Smith (Red), Topher Grace (Eric), Laura Prepon (Donna), Wilmer Valderrama (Fez), Ashton Kutcher (Michael), and Mila Kunis (Jackie), bringing with them those sweet memories of the original series. The show is also littered with references to famous events from the '90s, pop culture, and the trends that came and went in that famous decade.

Most reviews of the show mentioned the sentimentality of the show, with Concrete Playground saying the reboot has just as much nostalgia as it needs, while MovieWeb praised the series for its nod to the '90s. In fact, just showing the show was so great that, according to Netflix Queue, the show's creator Terry Turner was brought to tears at one point.

Fans seem to agree, as evidenced by a thread by u/dglavimans in the u/That90sShowTV subreddit where the user called the show "nostalgic overload." Redditor u/windchill94 said that there were positive and negative aspects to relying so heavily on nostalgia, and warned that it can only carry a show so far. In the same thread, some fans disagreed about how much the series captured the '90s, with u/BikiniPastry arguing that everyone's expectations were too high and that "people are expecting an overload of '90s products to fly out of the screen at them or see that "90s party" highlighter style clothing everywhere."

So what was the most nostalgic part of "That '90s Show"? Well, we asked the fans, and their answer should hardly be surprising.

Fans think Red and Kitty's return is the most nostalgic part of That '90s Show

In a poll on YouTube, Looper asked our readers what the most nostalgic element is of the "That '70s Show" reboot, and fans overwhelmingly voted for Red and Kitty, the memorable and lovable parents from the original series who are now taking care of their teenage granddaughter for the summer. Red and Kitty received a whopping 54% of the vote, with the next highest number of votes coming in for the original cast member cameos, which had 25% of the vote. In third was the Foremans' house with 13%, and only 7% voted for the callback to one of the original show's most famous lines, "Well damn Jackie, I can't control the weather!"

This seems to mesh with the opinions of fans on social media. In a tweet from Joshua Axelrod of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he called the show "super charming" and "legit funny," but emphasized that "Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp haven't missed a beat." Twitter user @MotionlessFiend agreed, arguing that Red and Kitty consistently "steal the show with every scene they have." Another Twitter user, @lucy_passini, claimed to not like reboots but said they were impressed with "That '90s Show," citing Red and Kitty as one of the reasons why. So it would seem that the kooky Kitty Forman and her ass-kicking husband made a real impression on viewers of the original series, and seeing them return was a big part of what made the new show so much fun.