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Ice-T Responds To Rumors That He's Feuding With Christopher Meloni On Law & Order Set

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" is known for its compelling characters, hard-hitting subject matter, and nuanced storylines. Although the detectives are confronted with brutal realities on the show every day, the atmosphere behind the scenes appears to be full of camaraderie and laughter. The cast and crew seem to genuinely enjoy working together, a fellowship forged naturally after more than two decades on the air. This genial dynamic is especially impressive given that so many cast members have come and gone over the years. However, we still get the occasional cameo from fan-favorite actors who are no longer series regulars.

Although Christopher Meloni left "Law & Order: SVU" following Season 12, Elliot Stabler still interacts with the Manhattan Special Victims Unit during crossover episodes with "Law & Order: Organized Crime." While Meloni was a main player on "SVU" for many years, he was ultimately outlasted by co-star Ice-T, who says he'll stay on the show as Fin Tutuola long as fellow series staple Mariska Hargitay is still there. It usually feels like a reunion when all the characters get to share the screen again, though there's a rumor going around that Christopher Meloni and Ice-T are feuding behind closed doors. 

Thankfully, Ice-T didn't allow this claim to gain online traction. The longtime "Law & Order: SVU" mainstay was quick to let fans know the truth in the bluntest way possible.

Ice-T quickly set the record straight

As reported by Parade, Ice-T was recently contacted by The National Enquirer in regards to a supposed rivalry between himself and Christopher Meloni on the "Law & Order: SVU" set. According to the outlet's claims, Ice-T and his former co-star have been on the outs ever since Meloni returned to the "Law & Order" franchise. The Enquirer wanted to run a story suggesting that the former rapper has grown jealous of the attention Meloni has received following Stabler's comeback, though Ice-T made sure to let viewers know that these were nothing more than baseless claims.

"Just sent this email over to my guy @Chris_Meloni," the actor wrote on Twitter alongside a screenshot of the message he received from the offending outlet. "Clown*** MFs trying to make up Drama outta thin air... WOW... MFs are really on that BS," he continued, cementing just how inaccurate the rumor is. In response to this clarification, numerous fans commented under Ice-T's tweet to voice their relief that there was no bad blood between the two "Law & Order: SVU" icons, with some even making fun of the debunked story.

Ice-T and Christopher Meloni got a kick out of the rumor

Of course, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Ice-T wasn't the only one who had something to say about this supposed feud. Christopher Meloni also chimed in to refute the claims and have a little fun with them in a social media post of his own. "So...⁦@FINALLEVEL⁩ was sent this. He was kind enough to let me know we were feuding," the actor joked online, providing further confirmation that the rumor is unfounded (via Twitter). Ice-T replied to Meloni's tweet as well, writing, "Chris is my MF man! F'em They just make BS up. Crazy."

It's nice to know that Ice-T and Christopher Meloni have each other's backs when it comes to tabloid scrutiny. Both actors have starring roles on their respective shows, so a petty feud about screen time doesn't make much sense, anyway. If anything, this situation provides further proof that the gossip mill isn't always to be believed. Thanks to their honest and hilarious responses to this rumor, those hoping to see Elliot Stabler and Fin Tutuola cross paths down the road on "Law & Order" programming don't have anything to worry about.