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Scream 6's Official Trailer Has Fans Worried About Gale

The official trailer for "Scream 6" has finally landed, and the promo has fans talking – especially about the potential fate of one of the franchise's legacy characters, as the preview showcases what could be a very bad situation for Courteney Cox's Gale Weathers.

While the sixth "Scream" film will be missing Neve Campbells as Sidney Prescott (via IndieWire), a slew of other players is set to return. In addition to every one of the new cast members that survived the previous entry, like Jenna Ortega, Jasmin Savoy-Brown, Melissa Barrera, and Mason Gooding, a few personas from past "Scream" flicks are also in the mix for the 2023 slasher. This includes Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed (via The Hollywood Reporter) — reprising her role from "Scream 4" — and Cox, who has been in all of the "Scream" films.

Ghostface is also back with someone new under the mask, and this time he is as menacing as ever. The knife-wielding maniac is attempting to outdo all of the previous psychos that took on the murderous moniker by showing no mercy to anyone that gets in the way. Whether it's subway trains or convenience stores, nowhere is safe, stacking the odds heavily against the people the dangerous villain is after. One of those poor souls is Gale, and the brief moments she is seen throughout the exciting trailer have garnered quite a reaction from concerned fans of the character.

Some fans think Gale may not survive her sixth encounter with Ghostface

When the trailer dropped, viewers quickly reacted to the mayhem witnessed in the preview. Many made their voices heard as they were worried that Courteney Cox's persona might not get to star in a seventh "Scream" film. In the comments section on YouTube, user @dominikskalic5145 posted, "I'm actually so scared for Gale this time, it looks like he got her in the trailer, and the fact that they killed Dewey in Scream 5 makes me believe that they will kill the famous trio, with Gale being killed [off] this time and Sidney being the only one left from them in Scream 7 maybe, and I don't really believe they'd kill her off any time in the future." Things don't look great for Gale Weathers in the trailer, and if the franchise is looking to clean house with its long-running characters, we could see the last of her in "Scream 6." 

While others were most assuredly troubled about whether or not Gale would survive, they couldn't help but also mention their excitement for the feature, like @furby7, who commented, "This looks crazy good. I can't wait and im scared for everyone this time around, especially Gale." Another user pleaded in all caps for Ghostface to stay away from Gale, but also went on to express their excitement to see the movie, stating, "The fact that Ghostface is ruthless, the return of characters and also the fact that it looks like no one is safe is exciting to me. I can't wait to watch this!!!"

Nothing lasts forever, and it could be time for Cox's tenure in the franchise to end — but some individuals out there believe Gale isn't going anywhere.

Others think the resilient legacy character will survive

While several people on YouTube have Gale Weathers pegged for death, users on Twitter are taking a more optimistic approach and showing support for Courteney Cox's character to do what she does best, which is survive. User @coolgirlmarcy tried to reassure anyone doubting Gale's ability to tango with Ghostface and live to tell the tale in "Scream 6," writing, "gale weathers WILL live to see another movie TRUST." Another fan named @m0nirath expressed their confusion regarding the hype surrounding Gale's potential murder, writing, "Why is everyone saying Gale is going to d*e in Scream VI????? Like, don't?" And @fauxdior doesn't seem to like the idea of any legacy characters meeting their demise, posting, "the idea of gale and/or kirby dying in scream VI is starting to disturb me."

Anything goes when it comes to who lives and who dies in "Scream" movies. The franchise has followed the rules and formulas in the past, and then it has turned them upside down to defy expectations, which means anything can happen. Gale's fate may be uncertain but one thing fans can count on, according to the directors, is that "Scream 6" is going to be a bloodbath of epic proportions that will outdo the other titles. Even Jenna Ortega has made it known that the film isn't holding back, telling Entertainment Tonight, "It just gets more and more gory. I think that this is probably the most aggressive and violent version of Ghostface we've ever seen."

If a lot of blood is set to be spilled in the sixth installment, when it comes to whether or not Cox's days are numbered in the realm of Scream, all bets are off.