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All That Mention Of Casey Has Chicago Fire Fans Speculating A Possible Return

Jesse Spencer was a longtime "Chicago Fire" staple as Firehouse 51's Matthew Casey, starting in its pilot episode and lasting for nearly a decade. Eventually, however, Spencer left "Chicago Fire" partway into Season 10, capping off his run as a regular cast member with a grand total of 200 episodes under his belt.

Of Casey's castmates, the character most affected by Spencer's departure was Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), who Casey was dating at the time the actor portraying him decided to move onto new career opportunities. Following Season 11's midseason finale, a "Chicago Fire" showrunner teased Brett's single life, and Brett has indeed begun dating anew after she and Casey decided a long-distance relationship was no longer an option. Nevertheless, a number of fans felt Casey's absence in the "Chicago Fire" 2023 premiere, arguing online that he could have deescalated some of the drama that defined some of 2023's first big moments.

Those fans, however, may soon get their wish, as some viewers noticed a unusually significant amount of references to Casey's character in Season 11, Episode 12, which they believe might signal his return to the series, even if just for a one-off appearance.

Chicago Fire has fans thinking that Casey might be back sooner rather than later

As numerous fans have cataloged online, "Chicago Fire" Season 11, Episode 12 both directly references and indirectly alludes to departed captain Matt Casey, leading to a relatively widespread belief that Casey may return to "Chicago Fire" at some point in the near future.

Twitter user @Learnthingss, for example, shared a clip of firefighter Mouch (Christian Stolte) referencing Casey's signature corned beef recipe, and specifically drew attention to the Casey mention. Reddit user kmsan2012 also highlighted this scene in a discussion thread about the episode, adding, "Gosh, I miss him. Just hasn't been the same since he left."

Meanwhile, fan account @MyBrettseyHeart tweeted a clip of Sylvie Brett discussing her current partner while wearing a sweater that factored into her romance with Casey during its development. "I feel like they're hinting at something," their tweet reads. "Though I don't think Dylan is out of the picture yet, I do think Casey will be back before the end of the season!"

User @kimmiek2006 likewise highlighted how Brett's wardrobe references Casey, while Reddit user sullyiii argued that these multiple allusions to Casey are likely foreshadowing an impending return. Of course, with no official word of Jesse Spencer working on an upcoming "Chicago Fire" episode or storyline, fans will simply have to keep tuning in for the time being to find out whether or not these references will ultimately pay off.