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Chicago Fire Co-Showrunner Teases Brett's Thriving Single Life

In Season 10 of "Chicago Fire," Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) made the difficult decision to get out of the Windy City and move to Oregon. This was complicated by the fact he was in a relationship with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) at the time, but the two decided to give a long-distance relationship a shot. Fans were likely disappointed at the beginning of Season 11 when the two decided to call it quits ... at least for the time being. 

For now, Sylvie's back on the market, and as tends to be the case around Firehouse 51, no one tends to stay single for long. Sylvie already has some romantic prospects on the back burner that could easily play a role in the season to come. And, of course, there's always the question of Casey coming back into her life one way or another. Can he bear to be in Oregon much longer without Sylvie? 

Co-showrunner Andrea Newman teased what viewers can expect out of Sylvie's storyline, and it sounds like she's going to have some fun moving forward.

Sylvie Brett will have 'some magical times dating'

Fans waited patiently for Casey and Sylvie to finally get together, and now that they've separated, it's only natural to feel a little lost. The two of them seemed made for each other, and hoping beyond hope, some viewers may wish for Casey to return to the show so that they can get things back on track. But it sounds like, instead, fans better get ready for a new kind of Sylvie who enjoys her single status. 

Andrea Newman spoke with TV Insider about what Sylvie will get up to next, and she teased, "She's gonna have some magical times dating, but there's always the looming question of, was Casey the love of her life? And will that make it impossible to find that level of love again?" It sounds like Sylvie will play the field a little bit, but there are naturally going to be some lingering feelings for Casey still there. 

So what are the odds Casey will come back to sweep Sylvie off her feet? When presented with that scenario, co-showrunner Derek Haas said, "Can you call Jesse Spencer for us and just tell him that you said that so that we can make that happen? That sounds great to me." A "Chicago Fire" reunion may not be in the cards any time soon, but it sounds like Sylvie will at least have some fun moving forward.