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What Is The Song In Taco Bell's Drones Commercial?

It's pretty obvious to pick out the two most important purposes of a fast food commercial. The ad has been thrown on your screen to first make you hungry, then to show you the perfect cure for that sudden hunger, with the specific item they're selling. However, there are other important layers to a fast food ad that also help trigger sudden cravings, often subconsciously.

Taco Bell, for example, has delivered on this formula well with past commercials, such as spots for cheesy double beef burritos and double steak burritos. A recent ad from the fast food giant — featuring two outdoor-drone enthusiasts — is another perfect example of how a simple marketing campaign can suddenly spark all parts of the customer's senses. With less than 30 seconds to get the message across, viewers immediately see not only how quickly these burritos will be prepared, but also how delicious they are. And, just like these two drone pilots, anyone watching the ad can get these two-dollar grilled chicken burritos as fast as they did.

But, on top of what you see in the ad, there's also the ever-important audio trigger. This is the song playing in the background that, if heard enough times, can set off a sudden hunger for these specific burritos. The song itself is often one that you've probably heard before. Sometimes, however, it's a song that's brand new to customers' ears, coming from a band they've yet to discover.  And, just like in the case of this commercial, this rhythmic connection to a product can also help bring in some new fan attention.

This Taco Bell ad features the Florida band, Meet Me @ the Altar

For a new up-and-coming band, sometimes it only takes one lucky break to catch the attention of music lovers. The new commercial for two-dollar burritos at Taco Bell not only directs consumer attention to the item that's practically begging to be eaten, but also introduces a musical group that many may be hearing for the first time. The song playing in the background comes from the band Meet Me @ the Altar, and is called "Say It (To My Face)."

The musical trio, which consists of drummer Ada Juarez, guitarist/bassist Tia Campbell, and vocalist Edith Johnson, came together in the most modern of ways. According to Rolling Stone, two of the bandmates met online after a video that Juarez posted covering a song by Twenty One Pilots caught the attention of Campbell. Despite originally having a different lead singer, Johnson, who supported the band for a couple of years, convinced the other two she was a better choice for the gig.

Flash forward to today, and the official music video for "Say It (To My Face)" is pulling in an influx of viewers. And the fact that the song is now featured in the new drone-flying Taco Bell commercial is, without a doubt, contributing to that. @Chimcharlover13 clearly agrees by commenting, "I heard this song playing in the background of a Taco Bell commercial today, and it instantly hooked me." Thanks to new fans like this, it wouldn't be surprising if Meet Me @ the Altar's new favorite food costs only two bucks.