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What Is The Song In Taco Bell's $2 Cheesy Double Beef Burritos Commercial?

Fast food advertising may initially be intended to get people to buy burgers, but some companies go so extravagant with their campaigns that they end up having a life of their own. From Subway's five-dollar footlong (we can still hear the song) to the McDonald's McDonaldLand ads to the '80s essential "where's the beef" commercial by Wendy's, it seems that every fast food joint has had its time to shine with a signature campaign. While there is valid criticism and controversy around the nature of fast food advertising and its effects on children especially (via Chief Marketer), when done right, there is a charm to these ads that still manages to endure. 

Amongst the best ad campaigns for any fast food chain would have to be the collection of commercials from Taco Bell. The California-based fast food joint known for its Mexican-inspired offerings such as quesadillas, nachos, burritos, and, of course, tacos, has offered a number of memorable ad campaigns. Campaigns such as the Taco bell chihuahua, a massive 1998 tie-in to promote Roland Emmerich's "Godzilla" (via Variety), and a Taco emoji petition in 2015 are just some of the noteworthy campaigns that the chain has dished up over the years. While there may not be too many notable ads from them lately, a new Taco Bell commercial has caught some attention. Not only is the ad's story adorable, but it features an especially catchy song from a rising talent. 

The new Taco Bell ad allows an upcoming Charleston band to shine

A Taco Bell commercial released in June 2022 has had viewers' mouths watering while also having their ears pleased with a particularly catchy tune at the end. Entitled "Rally Cap," the commercial tells the cute story of a pair of baseball players who get a little flirty while sitting out on the benches. However, when the iconic Taco Bell bong rings out, one of the flirting teammates dashes off to the fast food restaurant to chow down on some $2 Cheesy Double Beef burritos. As she heads in, the song "Lazy Lover" by the Charleston-based pop band Babe Club plays. Sung by Jenna Desmond, the lead vocalist for the group, the commercial plays the song's chorus, "I don't want to be your lazy lover." The song fits in with the ad perfectly, with a nostalgic feel to its lyrics and music that lines up with the charming summertime feeling the commercial invokes. 

Written by Desmond during the COVID-19 pandemic, "Lazy Lover" is about her relationship with fellow musician Corey Campbell (via Charleston City Paper). When the song was discovered by Taco Bell through a sync listening company, Desmond was overjoyed, telling Post and Courier, "I've been writing songs for 10 years, and this is the first time a song I wrote got licensed in something. I feel proud of myself and proud of the people around me working on Babe Club. Also, love me some Taco Bell."