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Seeing M3GAN In The Theater Reminded Allison Williams How Messed Up Human Nature Is

At this point, it's almost impossible for someone to have not heard about "M3GAN." The titular android has been stirring up hype all across social media, specifically on TikTok thanks to M3GAN's dance moves. It hasn't even been a week since the film has been out, and there are already talks of a M3GAN sequel with audiences and critics loving the film (via Rotten Tomatoes). 

The film follows Gemma (Allison Williams), an engineer for a major toy company who decides to test her latest creation on her niece, Cady (Violet McGraw), as a means to make up for her lack of parenting skills. Unfortunately, the android turns out to be more impressive than her creator could imagine as she is clever enough to get away with murder. All the same, despite knowing what kind of movie she was in, Williams was a bit taken back by the audience response she saw in theaters.

Audiences were cheering for character deaths in theaters

Allison Williams stopped by "Late Night with Seth Meyers" to discuss her role in "M3GAN," where she shared an amusing yet somewhat chilling anecdote about what she saw when she went to the theater herself. "I was excited about it, but seeing it in a full theater tells you a lot about humans and human nature," Williams said. "About half way through our movie something truly messed up happens, and people were cheering." While avoiding spoilers, it's likely Williams was talking about one of the murders in the film.

"People cheer, and then there's like a self-loathing laughter," Williams said. "It's funny, and it's self-aware in a weird way." Given that many of the characters in "M3GAN" are shallow, self-absorbed, and downright irresponsible, the reaction to their deaths makes some sense since the film puts viewers in a position to empathize with M3GAN while rooting against several human characters. Plus, it's not uncommon for fans to cheer for the villain during horror movies, as seen by the lasting popularity of Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger. Whatever the reason may be, fans seem to be having a blast with "M3GAN."