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Allison Williams Believes Gemma's Questionable Intent Bodes Well For M3GAN

Killer toys certainly can capture the imagination in the minds of horror fans. The trope of the "creepy doll" has manifested in a multitude of ways, with everything from the "Chucky" movies, which features a cute doll with murderous proclivities, to "Annabelle," which is about a possessed doll that absolutely torments all of those around it. "M3GAN" is the latest installment in this type of genre, and it already has garnered tons of buzz and hype due to the bombastic trailer. In fact, it has inspired memes and clips the world over on account of M3GAN's sweet dance moves.

Allison Williams, who has appeared in "Girls," "Get Out," and "A Series of Unfortunate Events" (per IMDb), stars in "M3GAN" as Gemma, a brilliant but obsessive robotics engineer who soon finds herself caring for her young niece Cady (Violet McGraw) after a family tragedy. The trailer for "M3GAN" sets the pace for this upcoming movie, and it shows off just how accommodating and scary the robot known as M3GAN can be. In other words, somebody should have probably studied Isaac Asimov's Laws of Robotics a bit more thoroughly before leaving their niece in the care of said robot.

Surprisingly, it looks like Williams thinks that Gemma's motivations for the creation of M3GAN are actually a boon, but why?

Williams likes Gemma's ambiguous motivations

As the trailer for "M3GAN" highlights, the Model 3 Generative Android at first appears to protect Cady and understand the commands given to her by her creator, Gemma. M3GAN and Cady absolutely hit it off, and Cady enjoys the presence of the robot in the wake of the tragic deaths of her parents. However, M3GAN soon begins to display some rather murderous tendencies and an aggressive demeanor. These new behaviors are offset by M3GAN's programmed childlike look and movement, which is sure to make an entertaining romp through the realm of killer toys.

Speaking with Vulture, Allison Williams spoke about how her character's motivations in the movie can be somewhat ambiguous, and explained, "I think that the audience reevaluating Gemma as the movie goes on is in the movie's interest — to be constantly checking in and being like, 'Am I on her side? Am I not on her side?'" With these words in mind, it makes sense as to why this will be an effective plot device in "M3GAN" because it allows for some nuance. Are Gemma's motivations entirely noble, or is there something sinister lurking beneath the surface?

A potential sequel to M3GAN has already been teased

Of course, when you leave one of the main characters with somewhat ambiguous drives and desires, it certainly sets the stage for a sequel. Considering the buzz around "M3GAN," one can probably assume that a sequel will shortly follow. "M3GAN" was created by the legendary James Wan and Akela Cooper, who have crafted several horror movies already like "Malignant," "Saw," and "The Conjuring" movie and its spin-offs, so it wouldn't be a far cry to expect another "M3GAN" movie on the horizon, which has already been discussed.

In an interview with Collider, Wan teased a potential "M3GAN" sequel by saying that he and his co-creators usually try to leave the door open for continuation and that they are always thinking of the future when it comes to their movies. He added, "For me, it's about creating the world, and knowing who the characters are, where the story could potentially go, and then building this bigger world, and then going into that and going, 'Okay, I'm telling this particular story, but I know other stuff that's going on.' So if we're fortunate enough to have sequels, then we have an idea of where we want to go."

Between Allison Williams and Wan's comments, it definitely appears as if there might be a sequel to "M3GAN" in the future, though that probably depends on the movie's reception as well.