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Fushi's Powers On To Your Eternity Would Topple The World Economy If They Were Real

Generally speaking, anime and manga are no strangers to overpowered protagonists. Even over three decades ago, "Dragon Ball Z" had heroes and villains that were capable of destroying entire planets with a single attack. While not every shonen anime goes that big with the powers that its characters are using, the popularity of shows like "My Hero Academia" proves that viewers still love to see heroes with super crazy powers and abilities.

On the surface, a show like "To Your Eternity" would seem to buck that trend. After all, early on, Fushi (Reiji Kawashima/Jacob Hopkins) has only the ability to take on the shape of dead creatures that he once had a bond with or has formed a strong impression of.

However, as the series has gone on, Fushi's powers have expanded immeasurably, often changing the tone of the show from sorrowful and melancholic to visceral and action-packed as a result. Still, if you take a moment to imagine the sheer magnitude of Fushi's powers in "To Your Eternity," even based only on what we've seen so far, it's clear how dangerous someone like him would be to political or religious leaders.

Fushi's powers could destabilize even the most functional economies

As anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows, the value of a currency is generally based on a country's GDP. Essentially, to cut through all of the financial jargon, this means that much of the value of a dollar is based on how many goods a country can produce and the rate of return on those products when they're sold at home and to other countries (via Britannica).

With this in mind, Fushi's powers in "To Your Eternity" would immediately destabilize just about any society. Since Fushi can literally make anything he's ever touched, he often makes hundreds of pounds of food, weapons, or gold on the most flippant of whims. However, doing so would throw just about any kingdom, even during medieval times, into absolute chaos.

While countries in this time period used real gold, silver, or other valuable resources to give every coin real intrinsic value, that value was still based on the supply and demand of the resource in question (again per Britannica). This means if there were suddenly to be someone like Fushi, who can make unlimited gold, it would throw an entire city or country into total upheaval.

This is likely why the Church of Bennett wants Fushi dead

This might help fans to make sense of the Church of Bennett in Season 2 of "To Your Eternity" and their conflict with Fushi. Not only does Fushi legitimately have divine abilities the likes of which the world has never seen, but he's not shy about showing them off or using them to help anyone in need.

Like the real-life Catholic Church during the same time period (via Oxford), the Bennett Church is as much a political organization as it is a religious body. People seeing them as a conduit to God gives them power over the hopes, dreams, and prayers of the citizens. For this reason, the Bennett Church in "To Your Eternity" cannot abide someone like Fushi, as he could possibly disprove their entire belief system by the nature of his existence alone. With Fushi's powers and the threat of the Nokkers both continuing to grow, there's really no telling where his journey will take him next.