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What Is The Song In Goodyear's 'Breakout' Commercial?

It seems like there's always a new commercial getting another catchy tune stuck in everyone's head. Many would agree that the Goodyear "Breakout" ad absolutely contains one of those unforgettable tunes, and it's safe to presume certain viewers are probably wondering what track has got them hypnotized this time.

Choosing the right music for a commercial is a pretty big deal. Advertisers have only seconds to grab viewers' attention, get the message across, and leave them with a memorable experience. Pulling off such an endeavor in less than a minute may seem like an impossible task. But somehow, it gets accomplished for an assortment of advertisements, some working out better than others. A prime example of a stellar choice is none other than the Marshalls' "Born To Hustle" promo that featured the hit track "Makeba" by Jain. 

Even for the holidays, companies will put some intriguing tunes in their promotional material, like the Ted Lucas track "Baby Where You Are" being utilized in the "To the Travelers" commercial for Etsy. It also isn't uncommon for these advert videos to take a well-known track and present a slightly altered version to keep things fresh with viewers, like the alternate take on "Breezin'" from Gabor Szabo and Bobby Womack in the "Welcome to Chime" promotional ad. And that's exactly the case with Goodyear's "Breakout" commercial.

The song is a cover of 'Magic Carpet Ride' by Steppenwolf

The Goodyear "Breakout" ad features the company's famous winged shoe logo skating up buildings and traversing rooftops through various art forms. While it's quite brief, it somehow showcases a wide array of beautiful graffiti-based animation styles. From skyscraper slam dunks to motivating astronauts, there's no shortage of excellent visual elements in this arguably stunning advertisement, and some viewers may wonder what song is helping push the momentum of the commercial.

The song people hear in this particular Goodyear ad is a familiar tune. The track covers the 1968 song "Magic Carpet Ride" from the rock band Steppenwolf. When it was released, it made it to the number three spot on the charts and is considered to be one of the band's biggest hits, along with "Rock Me" and "Born To Be Wild" (via AllMusic). The track being played in the background was confirmed by the folks over at TVAdvertMusic.com, who also verified that it's not the original version, but a take on the classic done by someone else. The identity of who is performing the Steppenwolf cover is currently unknown.

While the version featured in the promo isn't the original, it still does a stellar job at getting people's attention and getting them to notice Goodyear's "Breakout" approach to advertising.