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What Is The Song In Etsy's To The Travelers Holiday Commercial?

It's the holiday season, and with the holidays come holiday-themed commercials. One such commercial that's been broadcast all over is Etsy's "To the Travelers" advertisement, which features multiple people traveling home for the holidays and bringing various family members gifts, bought, of course, from Etsy.

It's a touching minute, with a man giving his mother earrings, a woman giving her presumed family member a necklace that matches her own, and another woman giving what appears to be her father a snowglobe that contains miniature versions of them from her childhood. It's the reactions from the recipients, who all seem overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of the gift, that can turn on the waterworks.

What really seals the poignancy of these relatives reuniting and bonding over meaningful gifts is the music that plays over the scenes, which is a quiet and sentimental song with a guitar and a male singer. If you're wondering what the song in Etsy's "To the Travelers" commercial is, and where it comes from, we've got you covered.

The song in Etsy's To the Travelers commercial is Baby Where You Are by Ted Lucas

The song in Etsy's "To the Travelers" commercial isĀ "Baby Where You Are" by artist Ted Lucas, and it was released on Lucas' 1975 album, simply titled "Ted Lucas" (via Discogs). Most of the other songs on the album are similarly calm and peaceful, although one song, "It Is So Nice to Get Stoned," is a bit less wholesome than the rest. Even that song, however, has a gentle melody.

The lyrics of "Baby Where You Are" are all about seeing what the other person sees and knowing what they know so that they know where to find that person, which is fitting for a commercial that features people coming together and spending time with those who matter to them. And with the advertisement's closing line, "Distance means so little when a gift says so much," the song feels even more appropriate.