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What Is The Song In Chime's Welcome To Chime Commercial?

We tend to have a love-hate relationship with commercials. Sometimes, they're annoying, and we may yell at the TV. Sometimes, they're just plain weird, and we might shrug in discomfort. And sometimes, we may become downright obsessed with or inspired by them; Super Bowl commercials, especially, are fun sometimes. Perhaps most memorable of all? The music playing in the background. Everyone remembers the classic jingles of Old Spice and Axe commercials, don't they?

Music in a commercial can make or break it. If the song is catchy enough, it'll play on repeat in consumers' heads and make them remember the product or ad fondly. Sometimes, a song is so catchy that viewers will want to listen to it independently of the commercial but can't find out what the song is. Luckily for Chime, the brand played its cards right in a 30-second ad it released in 2022. The ad is "Welcome to Chime," and it introduces potential customers to the world of possibilities with their financial tech company all while a lovely song cheerfully plays in the background, almost begging viewers to sign up for the service.

Regardless of whether consumers want to purchase Chime or not, they can't help but stop and groove when the commercial comes on. What song is in it, though?

Viewers have Gábor Szabó and Bobby Womack to thank for the addictive tune

The song in "Welcome to Chime" is a slight variation of the song "Breezin'" by Gábor Szabó and Bobby Womack. Originally released in 1971, several covers have been recorded since then, including one by jazz and soul guitarist and singer George Benson, which won two Grammy Awards (via AllMusic). While Womack, who composed the song, also wrote lyrics (via YouTube), Szabó recorded it for his album "High Contrast" as an instrumental, which seems to be something all covers of "Breezin'" honor.

Those curious about the lyrics, at least the ones Womack can remember, can rest assured that they fit quite easily into the song, discussing breezing through life and taking the time to appreciate what we have: "Breezin', breezin' through it all / Even though life has its ups and downs, still gonna have a ball."

While there wasn't too much else, we assume the rest of it was just as catchy and feel-good. Certainly, it's a great tune and message; how often do commercials deliver good advice? Not too often, which must be part of why Chime's commercial is living in our minds rent-free.