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Brian Geraghty Admits He Couldn't Keep Up With Harrison Ford On 1923 - Exclusive

Brian Geraghty has had his fair share of roles alongside high-profile actors, including Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie in "The Hurt Locker" and Steve Buscemi and Michael Shannon on "Boardwalk Empire." But it was 80-year-old living legend Harrison Ford who gave Geraghty the biggest run for his money while filming the out-of-the-box Paramount+ hit "1923."

On the series, a spin-off origin story for "Yellowstone" that streams new episodes on Sundays, Geraghty plays Zane, a fiercely loyal ranch foreman who helps Jacob and Cara Dutton (Ford and Helen Mirren) defend the Yellowstone ranch from an intense period of drought during Prohibition and the pre-Depression era in mountainous Montana.

It's a series Ford has called one of the "most ambitious" projects of his career, and with a reported budget of $22 million per episode, there's a lot to take seriously. According to Geraghty, who spoke exclusively with Looper, Ford still had twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step on the set of "1923," even leaving his younger co-star in the literal dust one day.

Harrison Ford enthusiastically rides his horse on the 1923 set

Geraghty admits Ford is "very funny and dry" and likes to "have a good time" on the set of "1923," which is known for being as realistic as possible. Even though he's an octogenarian, Ford is right up there riding horses just like everyone else — and therein lies one of Geraghty's most treasured memories from filming the show so far.

"We were riding horses, and they said, 'Harrison, you're going too fast. Can you slow down?'" says Geraghty. "And he says, 'Sure, I'll slow down.' I said, 'Just walk your horse.' They yelled 'action.' He kicks his horse, [saying] 'Yah!' Then we're taking off. That's one instance where the guy's 80 years old, and he's on a horse running down Main Street in Bozeman, Montana, in 1923, and I can't even keep up with him. It's crazy."

You can watch Ford's energetic work ethic in action on "1923," which streams new episodes on Sundays on Paramount+.