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Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson Kept A Lot Of Mitchell's Clothes From The Show

The cast of "Modern Family" spent 11 seasons with each other on set. So it was only natural that they would become close and bond, not only with each other but with their surroundings and the environment that the Pritchett-Tucker-Dunphy clan grew in together. Production went to great lengths to make the families' homes feel inviting and lived in, so it wouldn't be all that surprising if the cast members came to feel right at home on set.

Nor would it be all that surprising that some of the cast would have taken mementos with them as the series progressed. It's a time-honored tradition in film and television. The cast of "Friends" each took their own souvenir at the end of the show's run, from name placards to cookie jars (via Entertainment Weekly). Norman Reedus not only simply walked off the set of "The Walking Dead" in full costume, but he also took it upon himself to keep Daryl's iconic crossbow after filming ended.

Given that the universe of "Modern Family" is decidedly not infested with zombies, the items that, say, Jesse Tyler Ferguson was able to take home after 11 years playing Mitchell Pritchett, would be a bit more mundane. But they were no less memorable, though.

Mitchell was well-dressed on Modern Family

During an appearance on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live," host Andy Cohen asked Ferguson whether he kept anything from the set of "Modern Family." Ferguson responded that he kept a small painting and a lot of Mitchell's clothes.

He didn't elaborate on which clothes or which painting, but given how everyday most of Mitchell's clothes tended to be, he really could have taken any number of items. A simple Google search for "Mitchell's clothes on Modern Family" will yield pages on sites like WornOnTV.net or Pradux dedicated to the character's outfits. These sites will even tell viewers where to purchase the clothing.

There may yet be more of a twist. Mitchell's wardrobe has –- occasionally anyway –- taken some unexpected turns, such as when, after being sprayed by a skunk, he was forced to wear Gloria's (Sofia Vergara) dress. Then there was his Spider-Man costume in Season 2's Halloween episode. In fact, Mitch and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) had their share of memorable Halloween costumes over the years, from Batman and Robin to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (via People). Did Ferguson take any of these items home? We don't know for sure, but it's not outside the realm of possibility.