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The Other Two Season 3 - Everything You Need To Know

When we left the Dubek family at the end of "The Other Two" Season 2, Pat's (Molly Shannon) packed work days led to a nervous breakdown on the runway of Chase's (Case Walker) fashion show, while Chase grew frustrated with Brooke (Heléne Yorke) for not listening to him and his desire to just focus on his singing career. Pat finally worked up the courage to tell Streeter (Ken Marino) he was suffocating her, and Cary (Drew Tarver) made the decision to focus on his first major movie role instead of spending time with his family on vacation. As the family — minus Cary — enjoyed a relaxing meal at a beachside restaurant, we got an update from "The Gay Minute," telling us that Cary's life was about to change as he began filming "Night Nurse."

The entertainment industry satire is focused around Chase, a 13-year-old whose viral video skyrockets him to fame, with older siblings Brooke and Cary suddenly feeling compelled to prove that they can be successful, too. "The Other Two" has provided viewers with many laughs, but it's also offered unexpected moments of gravity as family members like Pat and Chase have realized that, by cashing in on their new fame and taking on endless projects, they're losing out on happiness.

With the Dubek family unit showing some splinters, we're curious to see what's next. Here's what we know about "The Other Two" Season 3.

When will The Other Two Season 3 be released?

"The Other Two" first aired in January of 2019 on Comedy Central, and after a long delay it was brought to HBO Max in 2020 (per TV Line), and that's where Season 2 premiered the following fall. After the Season 2 finale aired on September 23, 2021, the show was quickly renewed by HBO Max. Suzanna Makkos, executive vice president of original comedy and adult animation for the network said at the time, "Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider have created a sharp and poignant family story ... It has been a true joy to welcome them and the cast to HBO Max, and I look forward to keeping them on hold with Brooke for the many conference calls to come next season" (via Variety).

Over a year later and fans of the biting comedy are still anxiously waiting for the third season to begin. Despite all the HBO Max shake ups and cancellations after the Warner Media and Discovery merger, it's clear Season 3 is happening, with the first four episodes already appearing on IMDb. On March 16, 2023, HBO Max announced that "The Other Two" Season 3 should be available for streaming on Thursday, May 4, 2023.

What is the plot of The Other Two Season 3?

"The Other Two" creators Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider are no strangers to the world of comedy, with both having written for "Saturday Night Live" until 2020. One might expect that the pair leaving the sketch comedy institution right when the pandemic may play a bit into their plot for "The Other Two" Season 3, but Schneider is quick to dispel the idea. "We're not doing a pandemic season," she told IndieWire. "That's not interesting. We're going to skip right over that." While she's not giving a lot away, she does acknowledge that the ending of Season 2 opened up the possibilities a lot.

"The season ended with the family airing all their grievances with each other. So there's no more coy issues that they have ... It's all out there," said Schneider. "We've talked about doing a time jump into the future a little bit, just to jump into a new time in their lives." Kelly is looking forward to examining the wants and desires of each character, albeit in a hilarious manner. "What does it feel like when you've always looked at yourself as a loser, [and] what happens when other people start to tell you that's not true anymore?" he said. "And then we'll be like, 'What's a dumb way to show that?'"

Who is starring in The Other Two Season 3?

The core cast of "The Other Two" returned for Season 3, including Molly Shannon, Heléne Yorke, Drew Tarver, Case Walker, Ken Marino, and Josh Segarra. The first season saw tons of appearances by "Saturday Night Live" actors like Beck Bennett, Aidy Bryant, and Heidi Gardner, as well as actors like Patrick Wilson, Jackie Hoffman and Wanda Sykes. The second season, on the other hand, focused much more on the Dubeks. In Season 3, with every Dubek thriving in different areas of the entertainment industry, many roles were available for well-known actors. Comedian Wanda Sykes came back to "The Other Two" in a recurring capacity as Chase's manager Shuli, as did "Ghosts" breakout star Brandon Scott Jones as Cary's confidante Curtis. Elsewhere, big stars Ben Platt, Simu Liu, and Edie Falco turned in cameo appearances, portraying themselves.

The biggest star on the series is definitely Molly Shannon as Pat, the eternally positive mom who moves from being Chase's biggest cheerleader to a popular daytime talk show host. She quickly finds herself completely overwhelmed by everything that's expected of her. Shannon, meanwhile, has been juggling two very different critically acclaimed series, having appeared on "The White Lotus" as Kitty Patton. "I couldn't be happier with these two jobs," Shannon told USA Today. "I'm so excited. I really have been in a place of just celebrating that I worked hard in show business, and I feel incredibly lucky for these opportunities."

Is there a trailer for The Other Two Season 3?

On April 24, 2023, HBO Max released a trailer in advance of the Season 3 debut of "The Other Two" in May 2023.While the end of "The Other Two" Season 2 reached viewers in September 2021, the action ended on March 13, 2020, the last day of regular life in the U.S. before coronavirus-era shutdowns. The trailer for Season 3 indicates that the show will employ a time-jump device, flashing forward three years to the present day, or 2023. Much has happened with the Dubek family since Season 2. "The Night Nurse," the buzzed-about movie in which struggling actor Cary finally landed his breakthrough role is about to hit theaters, after claiming the dubious status of enduring "the most COVID delays of any movie," while Brooke seems to have it all together with a thriving talent manager career and an engagement but remains slightly disenchanted. Their mother, Pat Dubek, has transitioned from popular talk show host to powerful network executive, and teen idol Chase Dubeck is trying to figure out what awaits him after his upcoming 18th birthday.

Will there be more seasons of The Other Two?

A day before its scheduled Max premiere date of June 29, 2023, the Season 3 finale of "The Other Two" instantly became a de facto series finale. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Max executives ended the show in the midst of (but not because of) off-screen issues involving show creators and showrunners Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider. The duo were reportedly banned from the production for a time following multiple complaints from staff members and crew members regarding verbal abuse and overwork. 

While the Season 3 finale was written with at least the idea that it could also be a series ender, it wrapped up several story threads affecting the Dubeks both personally and professionally. The dysfunctional family's satirical adventures in various sectors of a shallow and cutthroat entertainment industry have come to an end, as no one associated with the series — originally a Comedy Central series before moving to HBO Max, subsequently renamed Max — has publicly discussed shopping it around to other outlets. 

Where to watch previous seasons of The Other Two

The 10-episode first season of "The Other Two" debuted on linear cable network Comedy Central in early 2019. It opened to rave reviews and attracted enough of an audience that it earned a no-brainer of a Season 2 renewal. However, that boost came with new challenges. The second season of "The Other Two" didn't arrive for two years and when it did, it came on a different platform entirely, coming in 2021 on HBO Max, the streaming wing of Warner Bros. Shortly after the arrival of Season 2 in the digital realm, HBO Max ordered another round of "The Other Two," and it will show up on the streaming app for subscribers shortly. Until then, both pre-existing and completed seasons of "The Other Two" — both the Comedy Central first season and the streaming second batch — make their home at HBO Max (soon to be just Max) for paid subscribers.