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Whatever Happened To Art Burke From Ice Road Truckers?

Over 11 seasons, fans of "Ice Road Truckers" are well aware that these brave delivery drivers face life-changing obstacles. Unforeseen weather, uneven terrain, and the ever-present possibility of breaking through the ice of a frozen surface are common occurrences for these drivers. Life away from behind the wheel of a big rig can also be treacherous. Unfortunately, several drivers from the reality series have proven this to be true, such as the Polar Bear, himself, Hugh Rowan. Rowan was badly injured in an accident involving one of the show's producers, eventually resulting in a messy lawsuit. Speaking of legal issues, another trucker, Art Burke, experienced his own after the series came to a close.

Originally from Newfoundland (via History), the skilled driver began his "Ice Road Truckers" stint in Season 7 and was featured in 38 episodes. Between 2013 and 2017, Burke presented his humorous, foul-mouthed persona to fans, even after experiencing a terrifying moment when his truck's front wheels broke through the ice. Despite his life in clear danger, Burke, completely cool under pressure, made sure that the accompanying cameraman was safe before thinking about himself. 

Burke's bravery and persona endeared him to fans. Fans might be wondering what Burke has been up to since "Ice Road Truckers" has gone off the air.

Burke has faced some legal issues following the series' finale

The brave drivers of "Ice Road Truckers" have proven time and time again that they never balk at a situation that can put themselves in harm's way. Unfortunately, for Art Burke, an incident in November 2018 not only put himself in danger, but others, as well. According to CBC News, Burke was attempting to create a form of cannabis concentrate, which is known as "shatter." The formula to create the substance uses liquid butane, which is highly flammable. The incident caused a huge explosion and sent a badly injured Burke to the hospital, with burns covering 40% of his body.

Two years later, details of the incident came to light as Burke's day in court had arrived. His actions brought on a charge of "arson by negligence," as the explosion caused more than $60,000 in damage to the building he was living in at the time. After pleading guilty, Burke explained how the incident has cost him so much already. "In one heartbeat everything I worked for vanished," he said. "I'm going to lose all my savings for retirement." 

Hopefully, for Burke, who now lives on Prince Edward Island, things will turn around. With rumors of a possible return of "Ice Road Truckers" swirling, perhaps Burke could be a part of the show's reboot.