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Inside The Messy Lawsuit Between Ice Road Truckers' Hugh Rowland And Producer Will Morrison

If there was one thing that History's "Ice Road Truckers" was never short on, it surely was edge-of-your-seat moments. Plenty of people know the different levels of stress one can experience while driving in poor conditions. This reality series, which lasted for eleven thrilling seasons, combined this level of tension with entertainment, as viewers got to live vicariously through these skilled drivers, as they attempted to pull their massive big rigs over ice, uneven terrain, and frozen lakes — all of it to deliver their shipments to remote areas. 

The show, which is said to have originated from the 2000 series, "Suicide Missions," features plenty of interesting and eccentric drivers, including fan favorite, Hugh Rowland. Rowland (known by friends and family as "Polar Bear,") had been featured since the beginning of "Ice Road Truckers," which premiered back in 2007, and is considered by some to be the most popular driver on the show. The eccentric driver has had to deal with a few struggles, as he explained in an interview with YouTuber Joshua Nannie, that he had to fire many employees who altered their work ethic for the worse when cameras started rolling. But, it was an unfortunate accident with Will Morrison, one of the show's producers, that not only derailed his truck-driving career, but apparently affected his marriage, as well.

Rowland's injuries effected his work and his marriage

Over the years, fans had gotten to know the featured drivers of "Ice Road Truckers" fairly well, especially the Polar Bear, himself, Hugh Rowland. However, his 2014 exit from the series, as reported by Biography Research, stemmed from an unfortunate car accident. Rowland, who was a passenger at the time, sued one of the show's producers, Will Morrison. Details of the accident were released to the public after the suit was filed, and claims Morrison was driving recklessly before colliding with trees off of a Canadian road. The claim also explained the long-term effects Rowland says he experienced with his injuries. Suffering the damage in the lower parts of his body, he says the effects caused him to not be able to drive trucks normally anymore, permanently affecting his career.

However, the reasons for the lawsuit don't stop there. In the filing details, Rowland asserted that his injuries also resulted in marital struggles. Specifically, it hindered him from being intimate with his wife. TMZ reports that due to Morrison's reckless driving and subsequent accident, Rowland claims he was injured to a point that both he and his wife's marriage was seriously affected, since they were no longer able to enjoy sex. Despite no recent update on whether or not the lawsuit is still ongoing or has been settled, Rowland has been pretty clear that the accident with Morrison drastically changed his life for the worse.