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That '70s Show Fans Refuse To Forget How Jackie's Friends Betrayed Her

On "That '70s Show," Jackie (Mila Kunis) famously dated three of the four male leads on the show. Kunis has made it clear that she thinks her character ended up with the wrong one in the upcoming reboot, "That '90s Show." In an interview with Access Hollywood, Kunis explained that she thought her character, who will be married to Michael Kelso in the reboot — played by Kunis' real-life husband Ashton Kutcher — made the wrong choice. She believes her character should be with Fez (Wilmer Valderrama).

Jackie and Kelso had a bit of a tumultuous relationship in the series. She started the show as an annoying tag-along member of the group, with Kelso kept promising to break up with the annoying girl that none of them wanted around. Kelso cheated on Jackie for a long time with Laurie (Lisa Robin Kelly), Eric's older sister, who would seduce Kelso because she was bored. So Kunis is right that Jackie has every reason to not want to get back together with the ex who treated her so terribly. 

Fans hated her brief relationship with Fez. Hyde (Danny Masterson) will not be returning to the show, making Kelso the only real choice left for Jackie's love interest in the reboot. But some fans have not forgiven Kelso for the way he treated Jackie in their relationship, and others haven't forgiven the entire gang for failing to tell Jackie that Kelso was cheating on her.

Fans can certainly hold grudges

In a thread in the r/That70sshow subreddit, u/harsha29o7 posted a screenshot of someone saying, "You know what's bulls***? On That '70s Show for three f*****g seasons, everybody in the gang knew that Kelso was cheating and kept their mouths shut and covered for him. THEN when Jackie broke up with Kelso because of it and started dating Hyde everybody...said it was wrong and they had to tell Kelso...Why did nobody stick up for Jackie when she was BLATANTLY being cheated on for years? She deserves better and tbh I'm still mad about it." 

Unsurprisingly, the post generated a lot of heated responses. u/SAMROSS4 argued that most of the gang was not friends with Jackie. However, Donna (Laura Prepon) holds more responsibility as the only member of the group to be close to Jackie. Then u/wrwinsett chimed in, arguing that not being close to Jackie wasn't an excuse for hiding Kelso's cheating behavior. User u/_Gwendolin_ reminded fans of the show's double standard for its characters: Kelso never forgave Jackie for the situation with her boss at the cheese shop. User u/meatybounce observed, "[K]elso has always been devoid of both brains and morality, so it's pretty consistent." Finally, user u/fluffkcaskeistainted pointed out that this is another example of the sexist double standards portrayed on the show, such as Jackie being slut shamed for having dated so many guys in the group. Nobody shames the male characters for sleeping with more women.