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Charlie Cox Doesn't Think He's The Right Choice For James Bond

Think about what it must feel like to have your name come up in the conversation about who's going to play the next James Bond. Even if there was just the slightest chance that you may become immortalized among names such as Sean Connery, Pierce Bronson, and Daniel Craig, you'd probably pay attention to every Hollywood rumor floating around. For Charlie Cox, he learned of this rumor about himself during an interview with NME

The Bond possibility shouldn't be too much of a shock for Cox, who has just recently dabbled in the world of British spy games for the upcoming Netflix miniseries "Treason." In addition, his previous work — stretching back to his stand-out part in the film "Stardust" – has proven that he can play a wide range of characters. His filmography has continued to be peppered with significant roles, including a multi-season stint on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire." Of course, it was when he took the part of Matt Murdock on Netflix's "Daredevil" that he really caught fans' (and producers') attention, leading to the recent James Bond conversation.

Not only had he been unaware of the chatter about him slipping into the Ian Fleming character, but once he heard about it, Cox didn't have the reaction one might expect.

Charlie Cox thinks it's time for a different looking Bond

When Charlie Cox took on the role of Matt Murdock for the Netflix series "Daredevil," he may not have realized that he was involved in a show that would set the bar for future Marvel series. And he surely didn't know that he would pick up the walking stick and glasses for a second go-around with the Disney+ series "Daredevil: Born Again." With the series premiering in 2024, Cox has been able to work on the other projects, like "Treason," while setting the stage for his grand MCU return with cameos in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" and "She-Hulk." 

When he spoke with NME, he understood why his recent work may have put his name into the 007 conversation. But when the topic of the most famous fictional British spy came up, Cox was quick to express his disinterest. "The honest truth is that I think there are better candidates out there than me," he explained. "The Bond itch has been scratched a little bit for me with 'Treason' but also particularly by 'Daredevil.' Playing a superhero is not so different." Cox went on to express his personal view on how it's time for the James Bond character, who has been exclusively played by middle-aged white men, be played by someone who has different physical characteristics for a change. "I think they should do something different -– and I think you know what I mean. It would be a really good time and opportunity to do that."