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Seinfeld Writer Carol Leifer Lost A Special Souvenir From The Show In A Move

On occasion, in both TV series and film, inanimate objects or props could become as memorable as the performers themselves. Of course, most famously, there are Dorothy's Ruby Slippers from "The Wizard of Oz," the volleyball, Wilson from "Castaway," or Walter White's infamous fedora hat from "Breaking Bad." Some of these props are not only iconic entertainment symbols for viewers but also for the actors and writers. Some stories of stolen props from the set are well-known, and the act now seems standard practice. The question is, what happens to all these stolen props after they are swiped? 

When it comes to a TV or film production, it doesn't matter if you are simply part of the crew of one of the stars; wanting to take a souvenir home is entirely understandable. For example, the "Breaking Bad" fedora hat and Walter's sunglasses were actually claimed by star Bryon Cranston. John Stamos revealed that he actually stole the Tanner Family's iconic plaid couch, which was not only used in the original "Full House," but also for the Netflix reboot, "Fuller House." Even Jerry Seinfeld took pieces of furniture from his fake "Seinfeld" living room. And speaking of "Seinfeld," one of the show's writers, Carol Leifer, reveals that not only did she participate in this on-set-theft, but the act led to the prop's disappearance.

A case of mistaken garbage lost an iconic prop forever

Carol Leifer has dabbled in different departments of the entertainment industry. In addition to being an actress, standup comedian, and producer, she's also written on shows like "Modern Family," "SNL," and "Seinfeld." During an AMA for Reddit, she revealed that she once took home a set-prop as a souvenir from an iconic episode, then lost it years later during the move. Leifer said, "...When we shot the marble rye [episode] Kramer's horse Rusty was eating a Costco sized can of Beefaroni, and the prop man gave me that empty can as a souvenir," she recalled, "...and when I moved, my movers threw it out, thinking it was just an empty can."

"Seinfeld" fans remember this giant-sized can (called 'Beefareno' in the episode), as it ended up causing Rusty the horse to pollute the air trailing behind him, making it unbreathable for the pulled-riders. In the episode, Kramer (Michael Richards) gives Susan's (Heidi Swedberg) parents a romantic horse and buggy ride on the streets of New York City. The flatulent-ridden results, for sure, derail their experience. As for Leifer, the memories continued when she brought the can home, even though it wasn't as permanent as she had hoped. Maybe this experience has taught her that if she ever takes a nostalgic souvenir again, she may want to ensure it isn't mistaken for garbage.