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Doom Patrol's Joivan Wade Roasts Brendan Fraser's Charades Game - Exclusive

If fans think actors bring out the big guns for movies and TV shows, they've clearly never witnessed an actor's charades game. If you ask "Doom Patrol" actor Joivan Wade, charades just might be more cutthroat than the casting room. Wade plays Cyborg (aka Victor Stone) in the series, and it's no surprise that the talented and bright actor would clean up during a game of charades.

Looper was invited to the New York Comic Con press room, where we exclusively spoke to Joivan Wade about Season 4 of "Doom Patrol." He discussed the joys of working with the "Doom Patrol" cast — and the satisfaction he gets when he beats them at charades. In the process, Wade jokingly roasted Brendan Fraser and a few of his other co-stars for their subpar charades games. Sure, your house party might have a stuffy game of charades, but the "Doom Patrol" cast isn't playing around.

It's not a charade

On some of the highlights and fun moments from set that stood out to Joivan Wade in working with icons like Brendan Fraser, Matt Bomer, and Diane Guerrero, he said, "It's got to be charades. We get to play these characters and live in this space constantly, but charades is where I really get to see their acting chops, and without a script. How you gonna do without a script, buddy?" Yet Wade has the pro tips everyone needs for a successful round. 

Wade explained, "That's when the improvisation comes into it and the quick thinking. And I'm proud to say that I'm holding the record right now." The actor teasingly roasted his cast mates, adding, "Brendan, you got to step up your game, mate. Got to step up your game, Diane, April, Riley, Matt, Mickey G. Step up your game." Those are fighting words, Wade.

New episodes of "Doom Patrol" stream Thursdays on HBO Max, with the mid-season finale airing on January 5.