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Why Sofia From Emily In Paris Looks So Familiar

Season 3 of "Emily in Paris" chronicles yet another chapter of its titular lead character's life in the city of love. Of course, while fans may be eager to get an update on Emily (Lily Collins) and her ever-juicy personal exploits, many also want what the future holds for the show's veritable cast of supporting characters. Season 3 certainly delivers on this front, with several surprising new developments for familiar faces — including Emily's good friend Camille (Camille Razar).

After breaking up with the good-natured chef Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) in the first season, it's been rough for Camille on the relationship front, to say the least. However, Season 3 seeks to change that by introducing Sofia, an intriguing new love interest for Camille. It's not long before the two embark on a romance together, and while it's nice to see Camille get a win, some fans may be distracted by the fact that Sofia looks surprisingly familiar. As it turns out, her actress, Melia Kreiling, has appeared in several other notable productions across film and TV.

The Borgias (2012)

Even in the earlier years of Melia Kreiling's career, she was starring in major TV and film productions. In fact, one of her first major roles was a recurring role in the 2012 Showtime series "The Borgias." A period piece set in the final years of 1400s Italy, the show tells the tale of the corrupt Borgia family, who attained the papacy and dominance over the Catholic Church through all manner of underhanded means. As the series progresses, it delves into the political and personal drama that fractured the family.

Kreiling recurs through Seasons 2 and 3 of "The Borgias" as a character named Bianca. The wife of the Duke of Mantua Francesco Gonzaga (Patrick O'Kane) and the lover of series lead Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons), Bianca has one of the most brutal storylines in the series. After Gonzaga decides to annul his marriage to Bianca and she's forced to go through with an abortion, Rodrigo requests that she become a nun to heal her emotional scars. Bianca refuses, instead opting to commit suicide. A tragic end for a tragic character, indeed.

The Bible (2013)

The next major role of note in Melia Kreiling's filmography was also a religion-centric series, though one with an extremely different purpose and perspective compared to "The Borgias." Kreiling worked as part of the cast for the 2013 History miniseries "The Bible." As opposed to the many movies about The Bible that are out there, this series extends things out and covers numerous religious stories from biblical texts in semi-anthology style. Kreiling portrays a central character in just one of the many tales covered.

Kreiling appears in Episode 4 of "The Bible, titled "Kingdom," for the show's depiction of 2 Samuel 11 — the story of David and Bathsheba. The actress portrays the composed and kind Bathsheba, a woman who King David (Langley Kirkwood) lusts after that also happens to be the wife of his best friend. Once again in keeping with her role on "The Borgias," Kreiling's Bathsheba is a tragic figure who suffers greatly during her story, losing both her husband and her son with David shortly thereafter.

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Jumping from the small screen to the silver screen, Melia Kreiling hopped aboard the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe train, appearing in the superhero franchise's 2014 entry "Guardians of the Galaxy." At the time of its release, the movie offered fans their most in-depth look at the cosmos of the MCU yet, and did so from the perspective of a lovable ragtag team of outlaws including Star Lord/Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper).

Kreiling's major scene comes early on in the film, before the audience is even introduced to most of the main cast. She portrays Bereet, the pink-hued alien woman who Quill encounters on his ship after he steals the Orb artifact at the beginning of the movie. Things turn from epic to awkward pretty quickly, as Quill realizes he completely forgot that Bereet and he were on a date. While this comedic establishing scene is the majority of what the audience sees of Kreiling's character, she does pop up later in the movie to save a civilian from the bombastic destruction in the final act. Way to step up, Bereet.

The Last Tycoon (2017)

Melia Kreiling's penchant for period pieces on TV continued when she landed a recurring role on the short-lived Amazon Prime Video series "The Last Tycoon." Inspired by the F. Scott Fitzgerald book of the same name, the show follows a group of moviemaking executives fighting to survive in the cutthroat era of 1930s Hollywood.

Kreiling appears over the course of "The Last Tycoon's" first season as Hannah Taub, a German cellist who plays for the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and the love interest for Enzo Cilenti's character Aubrey Hackett. The pair enjoy a warm dynamic over the course of the series, though their romance isn't ultimately meant to be. After Hackett proposes in the finale, Taub reveals that she can't be with him because her husband was taken to a Nazi concentration camp and she has no idea if he's still alive. Considering that Amazon cancelled "The Last Tycoon" after this one season, it's a pretty dour note to end Hannah's character off on.

Salvation (2018)

Apocalypse shows and movies about a giant natural disaster destroying the Earth as we know it may have been more of an early 2010s fad, but a couple productions did straggle through in subsequent years. In fact, Melia Kreiling even appeared on the main cast for one of them, starring in the CBS show "Salvation." Similar to many of its ilk, "Salvation" revolves around a genius scientist who embarks on a madcap quest to stop a massive meteor from destroying Earth while also dealing with the government's attempts to cover it up.

Kreiling joined the main cast of "Salvation" Season 2 as the talented computer scientist Alycia Vrettou. Alycia heads RE/SYST, the covert hacktivist group that attempts to take matters into their own hands to stop the meteor. She primarily serves as a foil to Charlie Rowe's Liam Cole, as the pair constantly disagree on how to handle the crisis. Her ultimate willingness to cooperate with Liam and the others comes at the cost of her alienation from RE/SYST, though as the finale demonstrates, she ends up making the right decision in the end.

Filthy Rich (2020)

Recent years have seen Melia Kreiling appear regularly on shows as part of the main cast, but one of the first times the actress ever had a leading role came in 2020 with the premiere of "Filthy Rich" on Fox. Yet another family drama on this list, "Filthy Rich" centers upon the various members of the wealthy Monreaux family after patriarch Eugene (Gerald McRaney) seemingly dies and leaves behind a massive fortune and control over the Monreaux-owned TV network.

Kreiling worked directly opposite storied actress Kim Cattrall on "Filthy Rich" as the series' lead character Ginger Sweets, the illegitimate daughter of Eugene who attempts to win control of the family network alongside her half-siblings. Ginger's plot sees her wading into a sea of backhanded tactics and surprising revelations about the history of the Monreaux family. Audiences don't get to spend too much time with Kreiling on "Filthy Rich," thanks to the show being cut short after a single season, but it's nevertheless nice to see the actress being the face of a production.

Mammals (2022)

Rounding out this list of credit highlights for Melia Kreiling is "Mammals," yet another production from Amazon Prime Video's stable of shows. A series written by theatrical creative Jez Butterworth, "Mammals" focuses on the complex dynamic between couple Jamie (James Corden) and Amandine (Kreiling) after the former uncovers some very dark secrets about his wife's past.

At first, Kreiling's Amandine seems like a regular woman who enjoys a heartwarming committed relationship with Jamie. However, it's not long after she suffers an unfortunate miscarriage that her husband discovers that she's hiding some serious skeletons in her closet, least of which appears to be a mysterious affair. Suffice to say, things only get more and more wild as the series progresses, with the ending of "Mammals" Season 1 basically recontextualizing everything that has come before it. All told, fans are treated to a murkier side of Kreiling's acting range not commonly seen in her past roles.