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Chicago P.D.'s Showrunner Says Jefferson White Will Definitely Be Back As Sean O'Neal

While One Chicago cop drama "Chicago P.D." is fast approaching 200 episodes over the course of its 10 seasons and counting, it's proving to remain a draw with its viewer base thanks to a willingness to add new complications into its formula this late into its existence.

Season 10, which kicked off in September of 2022, introduces a new villain in the form of Sean O'Neal, son of Chief Patrick O'Neal (Michael Gaston). Sean is portrayed by Jefferson White, whose "Chicago P.D." appearance thrilled "Yellowstone" fans familiar with the actor as the hapless cowboy Jimmy Hurdstrom. Viewers were initially suspicious of Sean in "Chicago P.D." Season 10, Episode 5, which serves as his introduction, and at which point whether or not he's villainous remains somewhat up in the air. Over the course of his next couple appearances, however, his misdeeds come fully to light, clarifying that the Chief's son is indeed a very bad dude.

"Chicago P.D." fans praised White's performance upon his character's introduction, finding the "Yellowstone" star to be gifted at bringing Sean's depravity to life. Those fans, then, may be happy to hear that the "Chicago P.D." showrunner recently promised that viewers haven't seen the last of Sean in "Chicago P.D." Season 10.

Upton and Voight now have to live with Sean's survival

In "Chicago P.D." Season 10, Episode 9, Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) finds definitive evidence that Sean O'Neal is indeed the criminal for whom she's been searching. When she takes this evidence to him, however, she finds his father Patrick dead and Sean on the verge of death as the result of Patrick finding himself unable to live with his son's villainy and resorting to violence. Upton almost leaves Sean to die before Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) intervenes so that Upton won't have to live with blood on her hands. Sean is subsequently transported to a hospital where he recovers from his father's attack.

Though he now seems to be in custody, showrunner Gwen Sigan told TV Insider that Sean will be back once Season 10 continues. "This man is still alive, and he's exactly who he was before this happened. He says to them, 'You can't fix me. I won't change.' And he won't. And so we are going to see him come back. Sean O'Neal will be back this season. It's not over yet," Sigan said.

Since they saved his life, however begrudgingly, Upton and Voight will likely have to wrestle with the consequences of the fact they personally ensured Sean's survival moving forward. Fans will have to wait for "Chicago P.D." to return from its extended winter break on January 4 (via NBC) to find out just how this all unfolds.