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Chicago P.D. Fans Are Highly Suspicious Of Sean After Season 10 Episode 5

NBC's consistently gripping One Chicago cop drama "Chicago P.D." keeps the twists and turns coming fast as it accelerates into its 10th season with its 5th episode, "Pink Mist." One of those twists is the arrival of "Yellowstone" star Jefferson White as Sean O'Neal, son of CPD Chief Patrick O'Neal (Michael Gaston).

As the episode opens, the intel unit is still adjusting to the departure of Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) when Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) stumbles onto evidence of a human trafficking network. The first indication of what's going on is Upton's discovery of young runaway Abby, who Upton finds tied up in an abandoned warehouse. Knocked unconscious before she can free the girl, Upton later tracks her to another location, only to find Sean there instead. He tells Upton he's searching for Abby too. It turns out he runs a drop-in site for at-risk kids and he fears Abby's back on the streets using drugs again. 

Upton eventually follows Abby to a building's rooftop but arrives moments after Abby has shot her kidnapper, leaving the young girl in a state of agitated panic. Attempting to reassure her, Upton says she and Sean are both deeply concerned about her. But at the mention of Sean's name, Abby walks off the edge of the building to her death. The fact is, fans commenting on the episode seem to think Sean O'Neal may not be the good guy he pretends to be on "Chicago P.D."

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Fans suspect Sean is involved in the human trafficking uncovered by Upton

As the "Pink Mist" episode progresses, viewers gradually get to know Jefferson White's character Sean O'Neal as someone who seemingly cares deeply about Abby and the other troubled, young kids he appears to be helping. But as the investigation surrounding Abby's abduction and death proceeds, Upton tells I.U. head Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) she's convinced Sean is inserting himself into the case not because he cares, but so he can keep tabs on what the police know so he can stay one step ahead of them.

Tweeting about Sean's apparent meddling in the ongoing investigation, "Chicago P.D." fan @_StopPretending wondered, "Oh is Sean behind all this?!?" Twitter Chi-Hard @Layal_Alkadri agrees with Upton's right to question Sean's motives, tweeting, "Oh my god! I'm going with Hailey on this! Sean is involved and trafficking young girls." And CPD viewer @a_Nes94 also thinks Sean is somehow mixed up with Abby's death and the human trafficking operation, tweeting, "I know this Sean had something to do with this!!!" So, while at this point in his initial appearance on "Chicago P.D." the evidence against Sean is mostly circumstantial, these fans clearly think White's newly introduced character is up to absolutely no good.