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Who Plays Nicolas In Emily In Paris Season 3?

Starring Lily Collins in the titular role, "Emily in Paris" is a fun, romantic series that follows the antics of an American woman named Emily Cooper. After moving to Paris to work at a French marketing firm, Emily struggles to adjust to the culture and language barrier. But outside of work, there's love in the air. In Season 1, Emily begins dating Mathieu (Charles Martins), a French businessman — though she can't help but feel attracted to her handsome neighbor and ex-fling, Gabriel (Lucas Bravo). Season 2 saw Emily start a relationship with a kind-hearted banker named Alfie (Lucien Laviscount), but she still can't shake her feelings for Gabriel. However, Gabriel is still dating Camille (Camille Razat), leaving Emily to sort through her emotions solo.

Love triangles and heartbreak are a big part of the narrative, so it only makes sense to keep the ball rolling by adding new romantic interests. Now that Season 3 is out, viewers can look forward to meeting a handsome newcomer named Nicolas de Léon. Let's meet the actor who brings this character to life!

Nicolas de Léon is played by Paul Forman

Nicolas de Léon from "Emily in Paris" is played by Paul Forman. According to Cosmopolitan, Forman is a 28-year-old British and French actor who trained at the Drama Studio School in London. The same source reported that his talents include modeling and playing the guitar. You can also join Forman for a workout on his YouTube channel – if you so desire.

Since 2018, he's been working professionally as an actor, including the role of Stéphane in "Frank of Ireland" and a five-episode arc as Luke in the Amazon Prime Video series "Riches." At the time of this writing, Forman's filmography primarily consists of television roles, so a guest spot on "Emily in Paris" seems like a logical next step in his career.

As reported by People, Forman will guest star on the Netflix series as Nicolas de Léon, a wealthy businessman desperate to prove that he's capable of doing more than getting by on the privilege his family name affords him. Emily loves to help people improve their self-image, a quality that could help Nicolas on his journey. Emily always seems to be caught in a love triangle, so it would make sense for Nicolas to be yet another romantic interest for her to contend with this season. In a city like Paris, anything is possible!