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Looper Unearths Which New Cast Member Avatar Fans Are Most Excited About In The Way Of Water - Exclusive Survey

"Avatar: The Way of Water" has finally splashed into cinemas with a medley of new Na'vi .

After the release of the 2009 juggernaut "Avatar," director James Cameron promised that future sequels would explore the untapped corners of Pandora. Going beyond the forest and jungles that were introduced in the first flick, Cameron spent over a decade realizing his vision for the waters of the lush moon. Pivoting from the jungle to the ocean naturally meant new characters would be joining the universe.

"The Way of Water" introduces a dozen or so new characters to the world of "Avatar." While most of the new leading players are the children of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña), a decent portion of supporting characters are members of the brand new water tribe. Things aren't completely peachy in Pandora as the "sky people" have returned, with the might and resources of the RDA in full swing. "The Way of Water" features new Na'vi, humans, and a few characters in between. Cameron has tapped a bevy of stars to populate Pandora, with some real heavy hitters in tow. 

Curious to know which actors audiences were most excited to see in "The Way of Water," Looper decided to set up a poll to figure out fan anticipation.

Fans were most excited to see Kate Winslet in the Avatar sequel

Looper surveyed over 8,300 fans on its YouTube community tab, asking them which new cast member from "Avatar: The Way of Water" they were most excited to see. Unsurprisingly, "Titanic" star Kate Winslet led the poll with a whopping 75% of votes. The Oscar-winning actress plays Ronal, a key member of the Metkayina tribe. Married to Tonowari (Cliff Curtis), the leader of the water clan, Ronal is best remembered for being hesitant to let Jake (Worthington) and his family into their tribe.

Falling behind Winslet in second place is Jemaine Clement, who received 9% of votes. Best known for co-creating the television adaptation of "What We Do in the Shadows," Clement stars as Dr. Ian Garvin in "The Way of Water." Variety says that the actor has signed on for multiple sequels, meaning we'll hopefully see more of the marine biologist in "Avatar 3." In third place is Edie Falco with 8% of the vote. "The Sopranos" star appears as the brand new leader of the RDA and is set to play a pivotal role in the battle between the humans and the Na'vi.

5% of the vote went to Cliff Curtis, who prominently appears as Tonowari. The tribe leader grows to become a great friend to the Sully family. Curtis previously stood out in "Hobbs & Shaw" and "Doctor Sleep." Curtis and Winslet will both reprise their roles as the leaders of the water clan in "Avatar 3." In last place, with the least amount of fan anticipation is Brendan Cowell. The "Game of Thrones" guest star plays the nefarious Captain Mick Scoresby. Those who have seen the "Way of Water" will know that the Australian actor is one of the standouts from the sequel.