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Janelle Monáe Has A Wild Idea For A Sequel To Jim Carrey's Grinch Featuring His Estranged Lovechild

When it comes to Halloween, Janelle Monáe could be called a superfan. Over the years, she's recreated jaw-dropping characters for the holiday, donning replica costumes of everyone from Diva Plavalaguna from "The Fifth Element" to the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland." But she has a special love for the Grinch from Dr. Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

In 2021, Monáe not only enlisted the help of a makeup artist to apply the SFX makeup needed to transform herself into the Grinch for Halloween, but she took it a step further, creating and directing a one-minute video as the character. In the production, Monáe's Grinch is seen waking up and brushing their teeth and then eating green eggs and ham — an obvious nod to another Seuss classic. Monáe's Grinch dons a suit, plays guitar, and makes out with the pretty Stephanie Lou Who, played by Stephanie Silva.

"Those were the lashes from Jim Carrey," she tells Seth Meyers while appearing on "Late Night with Seth Meyers." "Those were a replica of those lashes. I just want that to be known." Monáe also wants it to be known that she's already come up with a sequel to Carrey's 2000 film.

She thinks the Grinch would meet a child he never knew he had

"I think if you go on my page, you'll see the Johnny Grinch is like this sort of hipster," Janelle Monáe begins, telling Seth Meyers the idea for her sequel. "The pitch is, 'What if the Grinch had an illegitimate child?'" she explains enthusiastically. "Like, he didn't know that he had Johnny, and she somehow brings him back." It's clear that this is something Monáe has thought about, complete with character details. "Like, she is in college, maybe she is in med school. Maybe she is in a rock band ... She drives an electric car, and she has to go to meet her dad, who is Jim Carrey, the Grinch."

We're sold on Monáe's sequel, but it's extremely unlikely that Jim Carrey would want to make a "How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2." Carrey hated the hours-long process of getting into the Grinch makeup and attempted to quit after the first day because of it. Producer Brian Grazer came in, and according to Carrey's recollection on "The Graham Norton Show," "Came up with a brilliant idea, which was to hire a gentleman who is trained to teach CIA operatives how to endure torture."

While we're sure that there are many fans that would adore a follow-up to the underrated holiday movie, unless there's an option for Carrey that doesn't involve hours of the makeup chair, Janelle's vision probably won't happen.