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Will Jim Carrey Make Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas 2?

One of the most iconic Christmas stories of all time has to be "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" written by Dr. Seuss. The story is told in rhymed verse and follows the grumpy, green Grinch who despises Christmas and decides to take it away from the citizens of Whoville. Once realizing that Christmas means much more than just toys and gifts, the Grinch's heart grows and he ends up celebrating the holidays with the Whos down below. 

The first animated adaptation aired in 1966 (per The New York Times), and it continues to be a beloved holiday tradition. In 2000, the story was remade in a feature-length film directed by Ron Howard and starring Jim Carrey as the titular character. Despite its mixed rating, the movie has become just as much of a staple of the Christmas season as its animated counterpart. 

As a result, Carrey's portrayal of the Yuletide-hating curmudgeon has become a holiday icon. From his nightly schedule to his awkward social skills, the Grinch has even inspired some hysterical memes, shared on websites like Popbuzz. You can even meet the 2000 version of the Grinch at Universal Studios, complete with Carrey's voice and his love for onions (via Fox). 

Because of the Grinch's cult following, there are rumors that Carrey is being eyed for a sequel (per Express). It's been over 20 years since the film's release, and it raises the question: Will Carrey don that furry green makeup once again? 

Jim Carrey has thoughts about sequels

Though many fans would love to see Jim Carrey as the Grinch once again, it doesn't seem very likely that the actor would reprise the role. A reason for this could be because Carrey absolutely hated getting into the makeup that transformed him into the character. During "The Graham Norton Show," Carrey spoke about his experience and that getting ready was like "being buried alive." After the first day of filming — he had to sit in the chair for eight-and-a-half hours — he told director Ron Howard he couldn't do the movie. However, the crew wasn't ready to let go of Carrey that easily. Producer Brian Grazer brought in a man who taught CIA operatives how to endure torture. Through eating, watching television, and smoking cigarettes, Carrey was able to finish filming and give the world his hilarious version of the Grinch. 

Another reason why a sequel is unlikely is because Carrey doesn't really like doing follow-ups to his films. "They were characters I enjoyed doing, but I did find myself almost parroting myself at that point," he said at the Toronto International Film Festival concerning sequels (via CinemaBlend). 

Playing the Grinch was a challenge because Carrey had to use the newly-created backstory to give him depth and sympathy, while staying true to the original story. Given the film's ending, there doesn't seem like much he could do with the character to keep the role fresh and exciting.