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April Bowlby Says Working With The Gifted Doom Patrol Cast Makes Her More Talented - Exclusive

There's nothing quite like working with people who make you better, and not everyone can say that their coworkers inspire them. Of course, acting is a unique position to be in, given that casts work together for huge chunks of time and even live together on occasion. Those kinds of long hours, on-set bonding, and tapping into their most vulnerable emotions on a daily basis make for tight-knit casts.

But on top of becoming so close on a personal level, the best actors inspire and feed off each other to cultivate the best performance possible. That's certainly the case for April Bowlby, who plays Rita Farr on "Doom Patrol." The show is on Season 4, giving the cast plenty of time to cultivate an impressive dynamic on and off the set.

"Doom Patrol" invited Looper to the New York Comic Con press room, where we exclusively spoke to Bowlby about the joys of working on the "Doom Patrol" set. She even noted that working with such a talented cast makes her an even better performer.

Hanging with Hollywood staples

On working with a cast that includes Brendan Fraser, Matt Bomer, and Diane Guerrero, Bowlby said, "The highlights of working with such talented people is that I become more talented. They're incredible. We've got four years together, so it's like family at this point, where we get to play and create. To be around people who have had such beautiful life experiences to bring to the episodes and to our work is a huge gift."

She also teased some epic Season 4 storylines, adding, "This season, there's going to be more butts, sex ghosts, time travel, [and] psychedelic loopholes. The list goes on and on. It's going to be a lot of evolution once again — growing, struggle, [and] accepting who you are, which are the themes that make our show very special." 

New episodes of "Doom Patrol" stream Thursdays on HBO Max before its mid-season break on January 5.