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Fans Have Already Decided What Henry Cavill's Next Role Needs To Be

After his magnificent but brief return in a "Black Adam" post-credits scene, it's becoming clear that said scene is all fans are going to get from Henry Cavill's Superman. Though a new, James Gunn-penned Superman movie is in the works, it will focus on another version of the character, and thus Cavill won't return as Superman. The actor announced the news in a December 14 Instagram post, and while Gunn noted on Twitter that he, Peter Safran, and Cavill have discussed potential future DCEU opportunities, there's no telling when such potential projects may materialize — or whether they will be Superman-related. 

As such, it appears that the current DCEU Superman's reign is over, and a new one will rise from the ashes in the upcoming movie. This may be a bit of an uncomfortable situation for Cavill, because he's effectively lost not just one, but two dream roles. The actor was originally committed to Netflix's "The Witcher" for seven seasons, but left his beloved role as Geralt of Rivia in order to resume his beloved role as Kal-El of Krypton. However, fans have already decided the next ideal project for the actor.

Fans think Cavill would make a perfect James Bond

Superman's cape won't be resting on Cavill's shoulders in the foreseeable future, and his "The Witcher" role has gone to Liam Hemsworth. So, barring any "Henry may return whenever he wants" contract clauses with the Netflix show, Cavill's future is unclear at the moment. 

This may not be the case for long, however. Fans feel that Cavill might benefit from a new direction, and according to some Twitter users, he should absolutely pursue the role of James Bond. "But this means Henry Cavill can finally play James Bond, right?" actor and director Stephen Ford asked after finding out about the Superman recasting. "Give Henry Cavill the James Bond role real quick," @_olashubomii suggested. Twitter user @PrimordialDeen agreed that Cavill's bound for a high-profile role, either as the next Bond or by joining a certain well-known superhero movie franchise. "The upside of Henry Cavill not reprising the role of Superman – Marvel is poised to snap him up and/or the search for the new James Bond is over," they wrote. Others like  @flamingomoon, @AmilMan414, and @DeanusRedd have also tweeted in support of the Cavill James Bond era. 

Interestingly enough, Cavill himself has not only entertained the idea of playing the iconic super spy — he's actually tried to land the role in the past. In an October 27 interview with Josh Horowitz's "Happy Sad Confused" (via YouTube), Cavill noted that he tried out for the role the last time around, and didn't do badly. While he obviously lost to Daniel Craig, he revealed that he might consider giving Bond another shot. "Whether I'm considered for the role or not I don't know, but it'd be fun to have the conversation for sure," he said.

Since this particular interview came out before his schedule, uh, opened up, could Cavill now be thinking along the same lines with fans about his potential future as James Bond? Time will tell.