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The Better Call Saul Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Better Call Saul" is one of the funniest and most heartbreaking TV series of all time. Created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould as a spin-off prequel series to "Breaking Bad," the show more than stands on its own as an excellent legal crime drama, as well as an intensely emotional character study. "Better Call Saul" follows Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) on his tragic path to becoming Saul Goodman — the fast-talking and flashy-dressing criminal lawyer and king of situational ethics.

Fans find themselves rooting for warm-hearted Jimmy to do the seemingly impossible, and never become Saul at all. Odenkirk's career-defining performance, as well as the rest of the cast, makes the inevitable change anything but a foregone conclusion. Everything about this show runs on more cylinders than a Suzuki Esteem in its prime, from the writing to the cinematography. But audiences can't get enough of their favorite "Better Call Saul" characters.

Whether you already know who that is or have always wondered whose traits you most closely align with, the pop-culture mystics at Looper sat down at Taco Cabeza for a closer look at the "Better Call Saul" star chart. So come closer, turn off your burner phone, and be mindful of spoilers as you read on to learn the "Better Call Saul" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Hector Salamanca

You can't keep a good man down — and you can't keep Hector Salamanca down either. Tenacious and terrifying, Hector "Tio" Salamanca is a formidable villain in the bad-guy-packed world of "Better Call Saul." Played to glowering, powerful perfection by Mark Margolis, Don Hector always marches into battle to the beat of his own drum. Of course, that drum is on fire from the heat of Hector's driving forces: family, firing off cartel orders, and Fring-hating.

His warrior nature and fiery spirit scream Aries (March 21 to April 19) vibes. Like Hector and your fire sign kin, you aren't much interested in the opinions of others. The only counsel you keep is your own. This assuredness and self-determination is part of what makes those with Aries energy like you and Hector such competent leaders. Plus, you're both as direct as a bullet to Max Arciniega's head. Those with Aries energy are good at making themselves understood as clearly as Hector's bell.

Of course, these tough-as-nails traits mean others might perceive you as selfish and stone-cold. After all, it's Hector's way or an unmarked grave on the side of the highway. But while you and those ruled by Mars can experience explosive anger, you're like a warm hug to those you choose to trust. As Hector likes to say, "family is all" — at least until Nacho Varga rolls up.

Taurus: Kim Wexler

At first glance, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) seems like a no-nonsense legal eagle. She's practical, reliable, and has nerves of steel with a ponytail to match. Even when she's balancing a corporate caseload with lunchtime public defending, Kim always looks like a million bucks. However, a closer look at her slightly mismatched power suits shows Kim knows how to shop a sale and weave a tale. There's much more to Kim Wexler than meets the eye.

Kim's commitment to her goals and inscrutable persona, coupled with her taste for the finer things (like the odd bottle of Zafiro Añejo) make her the best "Better Call Saul" embodiment of Taurus (April 20 to May 20) traits. Like you and your fellow Taureans, Kim is willing to play the long game to achieve her goals, whether she's sweating it out in the bowels of HHM to one day make partner, or meticulously living a lie as a graphic designer for a sprinkler company in Florida to outrun her much more satisfying past.

Like Kim, you can also go to extremes when you commit to what you've decided is your comfort zone. You might have good intentions at first, but beware you don't encourage your loved one's con man tendencies, then find yourself engineering the systematic destruction of a colleague for fun and profit. Seehorn is also a Taurus in real life, with her birthday being May 12.

Gemini: Chuck McGill

Some may argue that Jimmy McGill is the most duplicitous character in "Better Call Saul," but real ones know Charles "Chuck" McGill is Albuquerque's true two-faced king. Smart, smooth, and celebrated in his field, Chuck is a law-abiding, law-worshiping pillar of the legal community, as well as a relentless scourge against his kid brother's soul. Chuck (as played by comedy legend Michael McKean) is a complicated, complex character study in duality.

Chuck, like the Gemini (May 21 to June 20) vibes his character embodies, is a gifted communicator with an insatiable mind. You and big bro McGill share a sharp wit, deep curiosity, and dynamic personality. Chuck, you, and those who sparkle under The Twins (the astrological symbol, not the Salamanca twins) have a tendency to be a social butterfly — but even then, Chuck's got nothing on his gift-of-gab-having-brother. The flip side of all that sunny Gemini-style charm is a powerful jealousy that, if you're not careful, can drive you to despair.

In a potent mix of jealousy of and love for his brother (and the law), Chuck transforms from a social butterfly to a grotesque and relentless bee in Jimmy's bonnet. Whether forsaking his brother in a moment on the stand or secretly blocking Jimmy from becoming a lawyer and making Howard Hamlin take the fall for it, Chuck embodies the corrupt electromagnetic energy of a Gemini that has broken bad.

Cancer: Nacho Varga

Ignacio "Nacho" Varga (Michael Mando) has a head for manipulation and a heart of gold. As described in Mando's Reddit AMA, Nacho is trying to "break good" in a sea of men breaking bad. Though crime held allure to Nacho at one point in his life, he spends most of his time doing anything for his own family and trying to destroy the Salamancas.

Nacho is a thoughtful character who hides his light under a bushel (or abandoned oil tanker). Whether protecting his father or taking down a cartel kingpin, Nacho embodies the observant and intuitive essence of Cancer (June 21 to July 22). Those with the energy of the Crab are nurturing, sensitive, and connective creatures — for better or worse. Nacho cares so much about keeping his father out of the Salamancas' web, he is forced to abandon him. Also, without Nacho, there would be no Saul Goodman; Nacho is responsible for talking Tuco out of killing Jimmy, as well as drawing Jimmy into it all.

Like Nacho, you're good at achieving harmony in the midst of chaos — a handy skill for a cartel minion moonlighting as an informant with assassin ambitions, to be honest. Still, Cancers are ruled by the emotionally potent Moon. Once a Cancer feels threatened — or, in Nacho's case, feels his family is threatened — they take action. However tender they are under the shell, the snap of a Cancer's claw can be fatal.

Leo: Betsy Kettleman

Betsy Kettleman (Julie Ann Emery) knows drama. She also knows at least a few loopholes in every law, a couple of good embezzled-money hiding spots in her bathroom, and more than her fair share of campfire songs to pass the time when she and her family are on the run from possible murderers or legal action. Betsy doesn't consider herself a criminal; she believes she's a survivor. Since when is it a crime to survive in style?

If this sheer audacity and flair for the theatrical sounds familiar, it may be because Betsy is the "Better Call Saul" embodiment of exuberant Leo (July 23 to August 22) energy. Betsy gives off the endlessly optimistic, unflappable, undaunted, ambitious-to-a-fault energy you and other Leos are loved and feared for. Whether she is ruling her meek husband's life or brokering a (doomed) deal with Jimmy McGill with hopes to keep the money she rightfully earned (stole), Betsy is a dominant force of nature who truly does not see how losing is ever an option.

You and Betsy might be ruthless. You might be vain. You might even be cutthroat, possessive, unreasonable, and prone to desperate measures that make big interview topics on "American Greed." Still, you and those with Leo energy are born ready to rule and roar. 

Virgo: Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) lives to serve. He used to serve as a cop until he broke bad by taking his first bribe. He served as his son's role model until he learned of Mike's failings and was killed for turning down a bribe. Now, in the world of "Better Call Saul," Mike just wants to serve what remains of his family — his daughter-in-law Stacey and his granddaughter Kaylee. If protecting them costs the last scrap of his soul, so be it. Mike pays his deadly bill every day, first as a freelance fixer for the likes of Nacho, Jimmy, and the "Squat Cobbler" before ultimately pledging his loyalty to Gus Fring.

Mike embodies the most serious, service-oriented sign in the Zodiac, the mutable earth sign par Ehrmantraut excellence, Virgo (August 23 to September 22). You and Mike are diligent and dedicated, resourceful, and intelligent as you are detail-oriented. You both have the capacity to take a car apart (and put it back together) in a single day to discover a tracker you had a feeling was planted in it.

This Virgo-esque efficiency and typical level of skill overkill are also demonstrated well by the most pause-worthy Mike moment in "Better Call Saul." All to say that those with energy a la The Maiden and Mike Ehrmantraut have the tendency to operate like precision machinery which is your blessing and your curse.

Libra: Bill Oakley

Bill "petty with a prior" Oakley (Peter Diseth) knows how to play both sides of the coin. While Bill starts his career making deputy district attorney deals in the bathroom with public defender Jimmy McGill, he just might end his career serving as advisory counsel to the notorious Saul Goodman in the "Better Call Saul" finale. While Bill is normally an easygoing guy with the ability to mediate any number of tough situations, he tries — and fails — to tap out of Saul's shenanigans at the last possible moment. It's a tough moment for someone who embodies good vibes only, it just doesn't get less uncomfy than the United States v. Saul Goodman.

Normally a charming, just, and generous team player, Bill is the "Better Call Saul" energetic equivalent of a Libra (September 23 to October 22). You and Bill are socially adept creatures who seek balance (and vending machine chips and coffee) at every turn. This makes sense, as Libras are symbolized by the Scales. You and Bill both have a good understanding of human behavior and relationships and are normally great at negotiating — as long as Saul Goodman isn't involved.

Let's be honest, air signs aren't always the best when it comes to drawing boundaries. Learn a lesson from our buddy Bill here, and the next time the most charming con man in the world calls, maybe ignore your phone and hit up the nearest vending machine instead.

Scorpio: Saul Goodman

Call the man a sleazeball or a trauma response, but if you're a criminal facing jail time, you better call Saul! Developed in part to put Jimmy McGill in his psychological rearview, Saul is a fast-talking and faster-thinking bus bench lawyer whose bread is buttered by folks on the fringes who might be breaking bad. Saul's got endless passion he uses to fight for you, Albuquerque.

Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman is slick, social, and super observant of the world around him. If Slippin' Jimmy was good with people, Saul is great with them — they just tend to be the worst people in the world. Saul and the Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) energy he embodies means he is charming and committed to achieving his version of justice (for a price). While you and Saul are always ten steps ahead of everyone, you both have a soft spot for the underdog. Your tortured Scorpio soul is ruled by compassion as much as calculation.

But even though you're good at playing the long game with a rogue's gallery of players, like Saul, you're used to playing it alone. Scorpios tend to be highly suspicious and struggle with trust. Like Saul, you may choose to mask your wariness with a bit of fast talk or razzle dazzle, rather than confide in anyone resembling a friend. Scorpios can get dangerously used to going it alone, and tend toward paranoid isolation — and Cinnabon.

Sagittarius: Jimmy McGill

We first meet Jimmy as the warmer, sunnier precursor to the hollow, dark Saul Goodman. Odenkirk plays Jimmy as a (mostly) reformed con man looking to live life as a respectable lawyer, like his big brother. Jimmy is adaptable, adventurous, and open-minded. He uses his jovial personality and boundless creativity to keep things moving toward greatness.

Jimmy embodies "doer and dreamer" Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21) energy. Like you and your fire sign kin, Jimmy is magnetic, playful, and a wonderful storyteller. You and Jimmy use flexibility and enthusiasm to face whatever the world throws at you, be it an office or bedroom combo in the back of a nail salon, public defending for peanuts, or the sheer versatility of burner phones. Jimmy has a lot of love for material things, but even more is for his girlfriend Kim, and his brother, Chuck. You and Jimmy are entertaining and enterprising on your winding paths and dangerously unpredictable.

Those who embody the sign of the Archer are never afraid to shoot their shot — but sometimes their arrogant methods are lethal. You, Jimmy, and those ruled by Sagittarius' Jupiter are knowledge seekers. You are both driven to wander the world in search of a truth that might set you free or make you rich. Sometimes Jimmy's dumpster diving strikes gold, like when he finds proof that Sandpiper is swindling its residents. But sometimes dumpsters don't hold the truth, only trash, and a brief escape from law enforcement.

Capricorn: Gustavo Fring

Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) is a man of wealth and taste, who clawed his way to power using God-tier ambition and fried chicken. Be it Los Pollos Hermanos or the biggest drug operation in the U.S., "Gus" Fring is an empire builder. Gus doesn't just come to play — he comes to win.

Gus may be derided as "The Chicken Man" by his enemies, but petty comments and even heartbreaking murders don't throw him into a tizzy. Gus simply quirks his mouth into a barely perceptible smile and cooks up his signature dish (aside from drugs and chicken) — revenge. Gus is businesslike in his eye-for-an-eye approach, and the worst thing Gus ever did on "Better Call Saul" pales in comparison to how Hector Salamanca killed his love. Gus's discipline and pragmatism make him the embodiment of the sign of the goat, Capricorn (December 22 to January 19).

You and Gus share a dedication to achievement that most other people (and zodiac signs) can scarcely dream of. Your stubborn determination is matched only by your capacity for disgust. While your steadfast nature can make you lonely, forgiveness is not a strength of yours. Those who taunt your temper may find themselves at the bottom of your dance card. Take heart in knowing that, like Gus, Capricorns are truly unstoppable in their quest for revenge, unless someone else beats them to the punch first.

Aquarius: Lalo Salamanca

Lalo Salamanca is a ray of psychopathic sunshine. Played by Tony Dalton, Lalo might not be the most successful villain of "Better Call Saul,"  but he is certainly the most dashing. Lalo brings a debonair air to his deadly dealings, but he's not just another trigger-happy Salamanca relative looking out for cartel interests in his family's favor. Lalo has a galaxy brain that's just as dazzling as his smile and he keeps both working overtime as he hunts for rats in the operation, and Werner Ziegler.

Lalo sashays to the beat of his own drum. He embodies the energy of the most charming and chaotic sign in the zodiac, Aquarius (January 20 to February 18). You and Lalo both work with the fluid yet formidable energy of the Waterbearer as you bend your way through secret tunnels and sewer hideouts on your epic journey to do whatever you want to do at the time. Like Lalo, you are driven by a strong desire to challenge the status quo and you move through life with confidence, intellectual prowess, and more swagger than previously thought humanly possible — such is the Aquarean way.

Still, there are pitfalls to being a Lalo-level Aquarius. For one, Lalo leaves blood stains everywhere he goes. Plus, the aloof and impractical Aquarius nature might really harsh others' less-groovy vibes, so keep that in mind next time you crash a party. Your grand entrance might accidentally blow the guest of honor's candle out.

Pisces: Howard Hamlin

Alas, poor Howard Hamlin – we know you are a man who contains more sheep than wolves. Even though Howard can rock bespoke power suits in his self-created "Hamlindigo Blue," he can also pour a mean latte-art peace sign. Howard may not have Chuck's stone-cold ruthlessness, Jimmy's slippy nature, or Kim's deceptive powers, but Howard does have levels. Plus a whole lot of knit ties.

Howard, perfectly played by Patrick Fabian, is a contemplative soul for a corporate lawyer. Like those who embody Pisces (February 19 to March 20) energy, Howard presents a sunny disposition but struggles with the weight he carries on his very toned shoulders. He keeps Chuck's hateful secret quiet, as well as his own rocky marriage, and privately suffers when Kim and Jimmy gaslight him into oblivion. You and Howard share the Pisces traits of being overly trusting and spiritually guided, which means you end up going with the seriously fishy flow when you should be seeking solid ground.

If you catch a "friend" throwing bowling balls at your luxury vehicle, it might be time to cut that person out of your life. But in true Pisces fashion, you zoom in too far to see the single fresh fleck of goodness in someone's soul that you miss the rotten rest of them. Howard's biggest mistake ever on "Better Call Saul" can be hotly debated, but learn from where Howard failed.