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Amir Wilson Discusses Bittersweet Goodbyes With The Cast And Crew Of His Dark Materials - Exclusive

When a show ends, fans are typically thinking about the end of their favorite story. Yet behind the screen, the actors involved are often saying goodbye to a group of people who have become as close or even closer than their own family. When you spend days, nights, and holidays with a group of people, that creates a strong bond. Add in the fact that actors typically spend their most vulnerable moments together, and it's hard not to become as close as family. 

So, when a series ends, it's almost like tearing apart a found family — and it can be a pretty tough thing for actors, creatives, and crew to go through. "His Dark Materials" has already finished filming its third and final season, but for fans, the impending end of the series is fresh. The actors though — they're reminiscing about an ending that already happened.

"His Dark Materials" invited Looper to the New York Comic Con press room, where we exclusively spoke to Amir Wilson about saying goodbye to the actor's "His Dark Materials" family. 

Bittersweet goodbyes

There's no denying that Dafne Keen and Amir Wilson have a great dynamic on the show. On whether they ever improvise on set and some of his favorite moments filming, Wilson said, "There are moments ... We went to Spain to film, so there's stuff at the end of the series. Being able to work whilst also traveling is a dream." He added, "It's like a two-and-one type of thing, two birds with one stone. Doing that was really fun. Working with these amazing crew members throughout the whole production, it's like a family that you build up." The bonds of found family is an even better reward than traveling around the world — although having both is certainly a goal.

"When we finished the job, it was sad to say goodbye to all these people, these people that you spend a lot of time with. You spend every day with these people, 12 hours a day for six months, and you really build a connection," he added. "When you leave, it's just, 'Oh, this is done now.' But it's good. I'm excited. Everyone's excited to share. We've all put our hearts and souls into it, into the world, for everyone to see." 

"His Dark Materials" airs Mondays on HBO and HBO Max.