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James Patterson Has Some Advice For George RR Martin After Troubling Winds Of Winter Update

Hang onto your dragon eggs, "Game of Thrones" fans! Author George R.R. Martin has just dropped an update on his next "Song of Ice and Fire" installment, the highly (understatement) anticipated, "The Winds of Winter," and with it, came some advice from another well-know author. Martin appeared on an episode of the Comedy Central series, "Tooning Out the News," where he spoke about his work in progress... which is now eleven years overdue. The humorous back-and-forth between the animated host and the brilliant writer — who penned the novels which were, of course, adapted into the HBO series "Game of Thrones" and "House of the Dragon" — led not only to the update, but also interesting bits of advice from author James Patterson.

For those who don't know, "Tooning Out the News" is a Stephen Colbert-produced series that combines live-action with animation to comedically present current events, real-life news, and sometimes pop-culture commentaries. In this episode, the host character, Dr. Ike Blum (Ikechukwu Ufomadu), dives right into what fans are wondering about, which is the status of Martin's next book in the widely popular novel-series. While humorously referring to Martin as someone who is a "struggling writer...who is having trouble meeting deadlines" the animated host called another famous writer, Patterson, to give Martin some much needed advice.

Patterson thinks Martin should split the new book into a series

When animated host, Dr. Ike Bloom called author James Patterson to chat to George R.R. Martin about missing his "Song of Ice and Fire" deadline by eleven years, the "Along Came a Spider" author clearly didn't know who he was actually talking to. After Martin explained how long the manuscript was overdue and that he had already written around 1,100 to 1,200 pages so far, Patterson responded with "I've heard of writer's block, but this is more like writer's constipation." It was at that point where Martin revealed that, despite the books length so far, he still had "another 400, 500 pages" to go.

If there was any author who, proficiency wise, is the exact opposite to Martin, it would definitely be Patterson. The author who has published twenty two books just this year, has sold more novels than Dan Brown, Stephen King, and John Grissom combined (via Famous Authors). Although Patterson seemed to want to be genuinely helpful over the phone, his actual advice reflected on how he clearly didn't know it was Martin on the other end. "You break down the 1,100 pages into three books," he suggested to Martin, " You submit one book per year, they'll be happy, and suddenly you'll be ahead of schedule!"