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Chicago Fire Showrunner Alerts Fans Of A 'Harrowing' Fallout After Season 11 Episode 9's Massive Cliffhanger

NBC's Chicago firefighter drama "Chicago Fire" is now more than a decade old, airing continuously for 11 seasons comprised of more than 225 episodes and counting. Understandably, in order to remain compelling so far into its existence, "Chicago Fire" Season 11 is full of moments that have generated healthy discussion among the "Chicago Fire" fanbase, for reasons positive and negative.

For instance, some "Chicago Fire" fans are upset that Sylvie (Kara Killmer) is dating in Season 11. Disappointed viewers have shared that they think the rapidity with which Sylvie starts seeing other people cheapens the deep connection she once had with Casey (Jesse Spencer), cut short by Spencer's real-life departure from "Chicago Fire."

On the positive side, fans loved the bond in "Chicago Fire" Season 11, Episode 4 between Violet and Severide (portrayed by Hanako Greensmith and Taylor Kinney respectively). While these two characters aren't necessarily always close, they connect in the episode over past traumas, which touched plenty of viewers. Greensmith likewise wowed fans in "Chicago Fire" Season 11, Episode 3 with her acting.

Another big moment occurs at the end of Season 11, Episode 9 — which serves as a mid-season finale prior to an extended holiday break — when a bomb threatens the lives of multiple main characters. In an interview about this scene, showrunner Derek Haas teased that the ensuing fallout might be considerable.

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 9 may shake up the status quo

After "Chicago Fire" Season 11, Episode 9 premiered on December 7, TV Insider spoke to dual showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman about the show's directions following the events of its midseason finale. Haas revealed that the first episode after the series returns in January will pick up in the immediate aftermath of Episode 9's big bomb scare, demonstrating how Severide responds to what just took place.

"Firefighters don't run away when bad things happen. They run towards it. And this is Severide — even though there could be other live explosives still inside the building, he just runs straight into the fog of war and that's where we pick up and it's gonna be harrowing," Haas said.

Then, in response to a question about how Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) is jeopardized by the bomb in the Episode 9 finale, Haas simply stated that the results of the incident will not be good for Kidd in particular. Newman followed up that the bomb incident will likewise impact Severide moving forward.

In an earlier interview with CinemaBlend about the episode, Newman detailed how Severide's decision making would endanger some of his co-workers. "That's gonna lead to some bad repercussions," she continued. Fans can find out how Episode 9's conclusion will impact the future of "Chicago Fire" when the series returns on January 4, 2023.