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The Goldbergs Fans Are Throwing Shade At Adam After Season 10 Episode 10

Adam Goldberg, creator of "The Goldbergs," tends to mine his own life for comedy without changing the names very much. After all, Sean Giambrone stars on the show as a character named Adam Goldberg. According to an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, the character Adam's relationship with the character Brea Bee (Sadie Stanley) was based on an actual relationship that the real-life Goldberg had with a real woman named Brea Bee. Confused? It gets weirder. The real-life Brea Bee is an actor now, so she was cast to play the mother of the character Brea Bee, meaning that Bee got to play her own mother in a genuinely bizarre turn of events.

In May of 2020, when the characters of Brea and Adam were dating, the official "Goldbergs" Twitter account tweeted out a picture of the young couple, to which the real-life Beverly Goldberg (played by Wendi McLendon-Covey on the show) tweeted a response about the real relationship between Goldberg and Bee. "In real life Adam [had] such a crush on Brea Bee. They appeared together in Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil [Simon] and she was his costar. It was then that he said that he could write like Neil Simon and right (sic) comedies. And he did." The real-life Brea Bee then chimed in, saying, "The crush level was mutual," to which the real-life Adam Goldberg responded, "I don't even know how to reply to Brea Bee discussing that with my mom."

Well, on the show, Adam has moved on to a new love interest, Carmen, and fans were less than happy with how Adam is treating her and how he's treating his now ex-girlfriend, Brea.

Adam the Teflon boyfriend

In the latest episode of "The Goldbergs," the Season 10 episode "Worst Grinch Ever," Adam runs into his ex-girlfriend Brea with her new boyfriend and instantly becomes jealous. So, in an attempt to make Brea jealous, he brings his new girlfriend Carmen (Isabella Gomez) to a Yankee Swap that he knows Brea and her new beau will be at and brings a surprise gift of a locket with him for his ex with pictures of himself and Brea to make her feel bad. However, when the locket accidentally ends up with the rest of the gifts and gets opened in front of the whole party, Adam's clearly terrible plan is revealed, and both Carmen and Brea storm off mad at him. However, Adam proves himself to be the Teflon boyfriend, as both women somehow forgive him by the end of the episode.

Fans on Twitter were more than a little peeved at Adam's behavior. "Yeah, nice job making everything awkward and everyone pissed at you, Adam," wrote @EarthFae306 with an accompanying GIF of a woman calling someone a bad name. One user, @nelroy78, did point out that Adam got somewhat ambushed by Brea's new boyfriend, who was let into their friend group rather quickly, although the user was quick to say that doesn't forgive Adam's actions in the episode. "I really don't like how Adam is acting like a schmuck," tweeted @Aschad2014. "While it sucks that they broke up, Adam is with a girl that really likes him." The same user also later tweeted, "Adam must be one lucky guy if he's always able to hang on to a girl even after really messing up," which is actually a very good point.